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    (If you don't know: Montana is a state in the USA)
    I was born and raised in Montana.
    I live on, and own 40 acres in the Bitterroot Mountains.
    I live with 2 dogs in a travel trailer (on a septic system) and am mostly content with the way my living quarters are (too cold in the winter though).
    I am building a small heated and insulated room in my pole barn and will most likely do most of my living in it when I'm done. (Even though I really like the way I've set up the trailer).
    I'm off the power grid. -I have 2 generators, and also a small solar set up, that I plan to expand, but my power consumption is low and I'm usually content with my current power restrictions.
    I enjoy killing paper targets, and reloading (I also tie flies - but that's a subject for a different forum).
    I'm a member of a range, even though I have a small range set up by my trailer and plan to expand it.
    I don't do any competitive shooting, I just enjoy shooting gongs and paper targets and competing only with myself. I can target shoot for hours at a time and have great time - I also enjoy cleaning my weapons when I'm done (kind of a zen thing).
    Mostly I shoot pistol, though I do shoot rifle occasionally, I used to shoot skeet, but I quit doing that several years ago.
    I own several Ruger brand weapons.
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    Welcome to RT. A friend was living in a travel trailer for awhile and yep they are cold in the winter and hot enough in the summer to boil eggs without turning on the stove. Well not really but they do get hot if you can't get them under some shade.
    We like pics of guns and all kinds of things or scenery. I have never been to Montana. I heard the winters are brutal and long.

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    Welcome to Rugertalk,

    Thanks for joining,

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    Welcome! :welcome:
    I don't live too far away from you, in in the neighboring state of Idaho. I've been in the Bitterroot mountain area a few times, very beautiful country.

    This has been one of the harder winters in the last few years, has the snow started to melt where you are yet? We've had about three feet on the ground since December and it's starting to melt! Can't wait for spring.

    Anyway, Welcome to RugerTalk and enjoy the forum
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    Welcome to the forum dropkick.

    I'm a little envious, as you live in a truly beautiful area. Back in 1988 I was a volunteer with the US Forest Service and I was stationed in Wisdom, MT. Although most of my time was spent on the eastern side of the Big Hole Valley working on a trail crew, we did venture to the west side of the valley, too. I'd like to think some of the trail markers and cairns I constructed are still there helping guide the hikers of the trails I worked on, including the Continental Divide Trail.

    While out west I also got the opportunity to fight wildfires from Butte all the way to Yellowstone.

    If I hadn't met my wife when I came home, I would have probably ventured back out there to stay.

    Anyway, glad you're joining us. Enjoy your time on the forum.
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    Welcome to RT, Drop. Being a COG (Crazy Old Geezer), I have chatted with a mountain man who trapped beaver (mostly) in the Bitterroots a couple centuries back. Wouldn't say his name, but did maintain that he never ate any red man's liver.

    Yep, he used to show up at the end of an SA wheel gun cleaning session, after I had it back together and was staring at it, loading gate open, turning the cylinder slow-like, click - click - click...

    He stopped coming; said I'd be with him soon enough.
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    Welcome aboard, my youngest son lives in Superior, Montana. Great little town, don't get up there as much as I would like. See the Bitterroot Mountains on TV with the Mountain Man program. Looks to be a fine location.:)
  8. MagBlackhawk

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    Welcome from Texas. :welcome:
    We don't have mountains in this area... :(
    Never been to Montana, would love to visit the state sometime.

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    Welcome to the R/T

    Enjoy our community...
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    Hi to everyone. Thanks for the welcome.

    I don't think the winters are that brutal here, but I'm a native Montanian and if we don't have at least a week of 30 below and a couple feet of snow on the ground I don't think we've really had a winter.
    Had a fairly nice winter this year (see above). Had a nice snow cover for most of it.
    It's mostly melting off of the lower areas now, though the snow pack in the higher mountains is still mostly there.

    Where I live I'm now entering mud season. It's warmer and the sun is nice during the day, but not my favorite time of year - I like a little bit later when it's still cool enough to be comfortable but the cut bank and the roads around my trailer aren't a slimy mess (I have lots of clay in my soil).

    My trailer does get warm during the summer, but I have the windows on the south side covered with aluminum foil to reflect the heat away, and also insulated. I put two old beach umbrellas in mounts I built so that they shade the front door, open windows on my north side (plus the roof vents) and I normally get enough of a breeze to keep things comfortable (plus I air out at night and then close the cool air into my trailer - normally keeps it cool until 10 or 11 if I don't open the door).

    If it gets too warm I also have a battery powered fan I suspend from a cord that blows air across my bed, where I can often be found reading or napping in my underwear during the heat of the day. - Or I just go down and sit in the river - my dogs seem to like this option best.

    After I finish building the room in my pole barn I'm planning to build a car port like structure over the trailer, which will take place of the umbrellas, keep the trailer both warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, provide a better place to mount solar panels, and possibly support a sun warmed water tank I'll use for showering in the spring through fall (though this might be a separate structure - haven't decided yet).

    This is out the front door of my trailer last year (you can see one of the collapsed umbrellas on the right). The deer is up on the cut bank and checking out one of my dogs (this deer hangs around my trailer quite often and isn't very nervous about my dogs).
    I don't have much by way of trees as I was burnt out in 2000.
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    Well it sounds like you have quite the life going for you.
  12. Tommycourt

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    Sounds like a good area to live in. We also have mountains here but the only thing that grows on them are more rocks and a few cactus. I live in the Valley of the Eternal Sun where we fry our eggs on pavement.

    Tommy from Az.
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    Welcome to the family!
    That's a nice intro! Sounds like a nice life ya got going. :)
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    Welcome from the suburbs of Hollywood Alabama! Enjoy yourself!
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    Welcome aboard, I'm just over the ridge in Salmon.
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    Welcome from Tennessee, nice introduction, I used to live in Wyoming (not as deep in the woods as you), looks like a nice place with the openness. I've hunted in Montana a few times and really enjoyed it. Have fun with your SP, but you might have to reload if you run across a badger - those are tough mean little critters.
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    Welcome from KY.
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    Spent some time in Montana a few years back. Beautiful part of the country.

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to the forum

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