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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by hcol, May 25, 2016.

  1. hcol

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    Hi guys my name is Loch Sharkey I am a 15 year old boy from Melbourne, Australia looking to start shooting with his dad.

    I just purchased a Ruger American 22lr and can't wait to get down to the range and try it out.

    Nice to meet you all.

  2. Oldhand

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    Welcome to the forum, always glad to get a young man's opinion on matters.;)
  3. buster40c

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    Welcome to the forum. Get with your dad and learn all you can about gun safety with your new gun. I expect you will enjoy your time shooting and time spent with your dad in the process. Be safe and enjoy it.
  4. DoubleR

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    Welcome to the forum!
    We're happy to have you here!
    Please take a few minutes to read the forum rules and if you have any forum problems or forum questions please let one of us mods/admins know. We're here to help :)
    Jump on in and enjoy! It's a great group of guys and gals here. :)
  5. SavageGuy

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    Welcome to RugerTalk! Thanks for the intro. Enjoy!
  6. VThillman

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    15! I don't remember anything about being 15. Sophomore in highschool... nope, nothing. You may want to write stuff down. ;)

    Stick around, and put your oar in the water any time. This is a friendly bunch, when we ain't talking politics.

    150 yards is reaching out with a .22LR. A fixed 4 power is fine out to 100. Your Dad will be telling you stuff too, and he has priority over what we tell you. Stay out of trouble. And have fun.
  7. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt


    When you were 15 they had 1 room schools and besides you have had a nap and couldn't remember anyway.

    Welcome young man to the RT forum. I am glad to hear you are starting out young and with your dad. You are starting a lifetime experience and one that will stay with you for years. Listen to your dad and take all the safety courses together. Nothing like a good father/son relationship and we are glad you decided to join us.

  8. MagBlackhawk

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    Hi Loch, :welcome:
    Welcome from the Nation of Texas. (Kidding, we just pretend we are a nation here in Texas).
    I remember the day I turned 15.
    I was waiting on the steps of the DPS office at 8:00 AM to take my riding test to get a motorcycle license. That was a long, long time ago......

    Anyway, glad to have you here at R/T.

    If a person follows the four basic rules of gun safety, you can have a lifetime of shooting fun without incident.

    Here they are:
    1) All guns are loaded at all times.
    2) Never point a gun at something you do not want to destroy.
    3) Don't put your finger on the trigger until it's time to shoot.
    4) Be sure of your target and whats behind it.

    Sorry, every time I meet a new shooter these basic rules just jump out of me. ;)
    I'm sure you'll have a great time shooting with your dad, enjoy. :D
  9. RA17

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    Three golden rules. Trigger discipline. Trigger discipline. Trigger discipline. I have a Ruger American in .17HMR. Enjoy the .22!