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Hey my turn I guess.

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Been having so much fun looking around I guess I forgot this part.

I'm from West Michigan and been collecting for a very long time.

My oldest gun is a 1929 Remington 12 gauge shotgun. My favorite is my Security six. Yeah a wheel gun .357. I use it every year deer hunting.
My 2nd favorite is my P95 (not real fond of the decocker though) I like shooting this gun.

Pecos Bill = Now everyone in the West knows that Pecos Bill could ride anything. He was up Kansas way and decided to ride him a tornado.
Well, you know that story. LOL :) ;)
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Just catching up on saying Howdy Doody to another Michigander, though now in exile in da Cheese State. Did most of my growing up in Western L.P.

Have a P95, too -- though the decocker doesn't bug me; I kind of like it.
Howdy - P95 here as well. Welcome a-board.
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the forum.
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