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    HINT: Read the RAND Corporation report "Trends in Income, 1975 - 2018"
    It EXPLAINS in detail just WHY and HOW the top 1% and even top 5% got SO damn wealthy beginning in 1975 (yeah, beginning with Ronnie Regan's tax code change).

    But be warned Black Rifle, you need at least a 9th grade education to understand it.
    jus' sayin'...

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    BRR your f'n idiot!
    WAIT, we have a widespread and uncontrolled pandemic, extremely high unemployment and a president saying if he loses the election he won't hand over power.
    I suggest you need to RE-study US history Numb Nuts.
    I predict your type will end up just like Gov. Whitmer's accused kidnap plotters, in custody by the FBI.
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    LOL! I smell a sock puppet....and one with all the intelligence of a dirt clod.

    Reagan's tax code changes in 1975...six years before he took office? I can't even imagine how painful it must be to be that stupid.
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    My fault for not explaining the BEGINNING of the decline of middle class income. Mea culpa!
    Regan was California Governor until 1975. His CALIFORNIA tax code changes as well as changes in state and school employee retirement payment limitations by governments and school districts that greatly lowered retirement income, especially for teachers were copied by several other states, especially in the west and south.

    BUT when Ronnie DID become president in 1981 he DID change the US tax code to lower it for the wealthiest 10%. The Rand Corp. study indicates several factors for the downward income of theUS middle class but the UPWARD income for the top 10% WHIXH CONTINUES TO THIS DAY.
    It concludes that this trend is UNSUSTAINABLE. Meaning? Meaning it must be reversed to save us from becoming a banana republic with a rich oligarchy running everything.

    The Supreme Court Citizens United decision permitted dark (unknown source) money to flow into PACs (Political Action Committees) and greatly sway elections with corporations supporting "the best senators and congressmen money can buy". That ruling must be overturned for our Republic to do well. To rid us of the undue influence of big corporations in our elections. To stop the oligarchs from a complete takeover.

    Now all you extreme left wingers and sad Trumpers (those who will vote for that giant asshole for a SECOND time) remember there are a lot of gun owners like myself who are Democrats and, if not Democrats, at least now are "Never Trumpers". You know it's true. And you guys are single-issue voters (guns) unless you are VERY wealthy or pro-lifers.

    NEVER in the history of the US presidency have so many former administration officials come out and either spoken or written against their president - never. And you know this is also true. So WHY is this? Because, as Trump's first Sec. of State, Rex Tillerson said, Trump is an incompetent "moron". And for that Tillerson had to resign. Plus NEVER has ANY president fired so many departmental Inspectors General as Trump. In fact I know of NO IGs fired by any other president. So why did trump do this? Because the IGs began looking into things that made Trump very uncomfortable. Trump was hiding things he did not want "inspected" by the IGs.

    And finally Comrade Trump is guilty of grossly mismanaging the COVID 19 pandemic and STILL is mismanaging it . PLUS the SOB continues to hold political rallies where thousands are shoulder-to-shoulds, belly-to-belly and back-to-back, most of them WITHOUT a mask. He could give a flying f__k about their health. But hey, those retard Trumpers also chose not to wear masks and not to "social distance" so they are also to blame. Yeah, yeah, I know many BLM demonstrators were not social distancing but at least 95% of them wore masks.

    So we'll never agree about Comrade Trump but when history is written, by Americans and by those from other nations, his presidency will be characterized as the most chaotic and most incompetent administration in US history. Are you proud of that?? You want another f'n 4 more years of his BS, running this country into the ground for his rich buddies and, of course "The Donald"? Not me. Fool me once, "Shame on you". Fool me twice, "Shame on me". Don't get fooled twice by voting a second time for Trump.
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    Are you talking about Obama and Hilary conspiring on the Russian collusion, and yet nothing is being done about it? I think slimy Joe is involved also. Yes, there are IG's getting fired, but why? Weren't they corrupt? What about the FBI director, wasn't he also corrupt? As for Trump being incompetent, he is fighting the corruption in congress. That is going upset someone.
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    Trump is the best president in my lifetime and if he gets healthcare straightened out next term you can group him with the Founding Fathers. He really stepped up and did not fall into the trap that haters portray him to be.
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    I went to vote early Wednesday. The poll workers did wonderfully moving all those folks through to vote. I wonder what made all those people show up to vote? Crowds showed up again yesterday. Wonder what kind of message is that?
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    Sure. Because Joey B. looks so....presidential. Like Hillary.

    Of course, how can you resist a fellow who thinks he's running for the Senate and believes his opponent is named George?
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    Dang, I keep getting feed from here on my email.
    Ya know politics used to be in a forum where it wouldn't show posts on the main page.
    I see Mr. Black Rifle's only been here since august and posts a lot of political garbage. Perhaps thats why its dead.
    I get enough garbage politics everywhere else in the media. I come to gun forums to talk guns, not politics. It's a waste of my time.
    I used to know a mod here pretty good, he was an LEO, retired. He prolly left because of this type of crap too.
    Childish name calling like "hey Libtard" isn't conducive to fun guntalk.
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