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Hey from Tennessee

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Hey yall.

I am glad to have stumbled into this forum. I have long been a Ruger fan, currently owning a GP-100 (home defense) a SP-101 (daily carry) and a slightly customized 10/22. I currently am drooling over the idea of a SR1911. :cool:

Best way to describe me is father, husband, and veteran. I currently own and run a forum, but it is car related. My interests are mostly in casual format target shooting.

I look forward to the content on this forum, and "meeting" some of the members.

Molon Labe!
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Hi and welcome to Ruger Talk from Colorado
Thank you all.
^^^ Same back at ya.
Thanks again everyone.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to RT......
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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