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Hen & Rooster Bowie Knife

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Hen & Rooster Bowie

Material: Solingen German Steel

Handle: Deer Stag

Length: 15 inch Blade

Place of Origin: Toledo, Spain

Conceived and hand-made in about 1845, the Hen & Rooster® brand had a modest beginning as the notion of Carl Bertram.

Mr. Bertram was a well known owner of a poultry business in Solingen, Germany where he began manufacturing his own line of cutlery.

Because of his association with the poultry industry in the surrounding communities, Bertram adopted the now famous Hen & Rooster® logo
to mark his brand in about 1865.
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I own a few knives that are made in Germany of the Solingen Steel & they hold an edge after a good sharpening better than any other metal.? I have Gutted & Skinned my share of deer with them & they still stay razor sharp.
Speaking of razor sharp, Hen and Rooster makes some nice straight razors too. Sadly, I don't have one in my collection, yet.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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