Help with loading my .45

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    I finally got a pound of Titegroup today and looked in my Lyman's book and they have no listing for reloading 230 grn. RN. I need some help. I am shooting Berry plated 230 grn RN, COAL is 1.250, and Winchester large primers. I found the load data for 200 grn. lead but nothing larger. Does anyone have any info to share?
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    Found this from Hodgdon on the web.

    230 GR. HDY FMJ FP (.451")
    Fed. large pistol primer
    Win. case
    COAL: 1.200"
    Titegroup powder
    Starting Load: 4.4gr,
    Maximum load: 4.8gr,

    For a 230 GR Lead Round Nose (.452")
    Titegroup powder
    Starting Load: 4.0gr
    Maximum Load: 4.8gr

    I might be inclined to start with the lead data as the plated bullet is .452" OD.
    As we all know, better to start on the low side. (And sometimes that's too much!)
    Berrys recommends a COAL of 1.250" for their 230gr RN plated bullet.
    Hope this helps.