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  1. Goatn

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    I am looking at purchasing my first handgun(not new to shooting them) and I just can not make up my mind on which one to get. I cant see much of a difference in the two other than price but its marginal.
    Please help me out and give me some feedback. This will be used as a home defense and my carry.
    Thank You
  2. buster40c

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    My vote is for the SR40C. I had an XDM 3.8 compact .40 and also an Glock 27 and I still have the SR40C but sold the others. I liked the Ruger better than either of the other two. I especially liked the trigger better on the SR40C. The SR handled the recoil of the .40 better than the XDM and way better than the G27.This SR was my main carry till I went with the LCR .357. I don't see myself ever selling the SR40C.
    Welcome to the forum with a bunch of good experienced Ruger owners to answer most any questions you might have.
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  3. firefox

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    I have a SR40 and XDM 3.8 c 9mm. Both guns are excellent choices. I shoot a lot of .40 cal and have many guns of various manufacture chambered in that round. The gun that goes on every range trip with me, when shooting .40 S&W is my SR 40. It handles the snap of the .40 very well and is a blast to shoot! My vote is for the SR .40c.
  4. Myakka-Vice

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    The bore axis on XD pistols will probably make felt recoil unacceptable. Try renting them both at a range and see what feels better.
  5. refugee

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    own XD's and SR's, the SR's get carried and shot. XD is a very good weapon in any caliber, I prefer the SR. gave one of my XD's to my oldest son, kept one, have given 3 SR's as gifts and own five. the SR triggers are all very close, good pull weight for carry. not too light and not overly stout. both manufacturers have a product that is reliable and accurate so it just comes down to which you like best. no bad choice here at all. one other consideration is the SR is 100% American made.
  6. lefty60

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    The only XD I like is the tactical. I am very fond of my SR9c, so I would say, get the SR40c. ;)