Help me decide on a 10/22

Discussion in 'Ruger Rifle Forum' started by justin626, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. justin626

    justin626 New Member

    So looking at the Ruger site, there is 6 different models with quite a few options for each. Not to mention distributor exclusives.

    Will mainly be used for only plinking and target shooting. Would like it to be able to accept any of the many mods and accessories made for these rifles.

    Any suggestions outside of the Ruger 10/22 line are welcome as well.
  2. ArizonaHeat

    ArizonaHeat New Member

    Without more details it will be hard to help you narrow it down to one or two to look at.

    Any is going to make a good plinker. If that is what it's main role will be go with what appeals to you cosmetically (ie. alloy/stainless, laminate/composite). If you are thinking about doing some after market mods to it put some fore thought into the barrel (ie. standard front sight, bull, flash suppressor) and what is going to suit your need best with the mod you want.

    But basically any model is going to be a great plinker and the options both in stock and aftermarket parts are almost endless, you can pretty much create the one that suits you perfectly.

  3. Blkhawk73

    Blkhawk73 Member

    As they all utilize the same receiver and trigger, any accessory will fit across the whole line of them for the most part. Decide exactly what you want as an end result and how much, if any, aftermarket accessorizing you may want. You may simply be happy with the standard T model and a little trigger for. Choices are endless so look around at all the options available for accessories and start deciding what a budget would be and go from there. basically work backwards.
    Have built up 17 or so thus far, have 3 in progress and at least one more after that. Happy to help with any specific questions, having tried a lot of what's put there or at least done quite a bit of searching, reading and learning about the rest.
  4. ScottyShooter

    ScottyShooter New Member

    I have the Carbine Model, also put a Simmons scope and found Ruger 25rd magazine for it. Mainly use it for target shooting. Now if only could find .22lr ammo for it. I have a couple bxs but with the 25rd mag they go fast.
  5. Heater

    Heater New Member

    The basic carbine model seems like a good place to start with your first 10/22 -- wooden or synthetic stock. I say your first, because once you have one you are going to want another, and another...

    I'm at 3 right now and I can see where I could use another one or two that are, you know, a bit different. :cool:
  6. justin626

    justin626 New Member

    Yeah, I'm starting to think carbine is the way to go. Has the iron sights and is priced right. At first I'd like to use it as is, straight out of the box. I think the first thing would be changing up the trigger. I see alot is out there for stocks and barrels. Would definately like to take my time to figure out what I really want. Don't think I'll be picking one up till closer to summer time though.

    Thanks for all the input. If you got anything else, buy all means, let me hear it.:)
  7. Red-Ryder

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    Buy any 10/22 you can find at a fair price ( I try to by below msrp posted at Ruger )

    - you will want more Ruger Rimfire options

    Please join the NRA ,
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