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Hellow from Colorado

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Just joined the group. I purchased my first handgun, a Ruger LC9, a year ago. Been getting to know the gun over the past year. Due to time constraints I have only put about 150 to 200 rounds through it so far.

While I've shot since high school this is my first venture into handguns. Seems like a very reliable gun. Actually, my first handgun was a Taurus 9mm that I bought used. It kept jamming so my nephew swapted it out for the LC9 which was new. The LC9 is definitely snappier than the Taurus. I got the Camo NRA edition. Love the size. Love the feel in my hand. Love all the safety features in the gun. Love that the trigger makes you make the decision to take the shot. Don't like that the trigger is so long.

So question for the group: How many rounds before the gun is broke-in?
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Howdy to ya,
and Welcome to the forum.

Excellent choice in the LC9.

You got 100-200 rnds thru it without ANY problems,
Its broke in,
sounds like it never needed a "break in period".;):)

Thanks for joining.

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Welcome to the forums, DGPS! The LC9 is a great choice.
Welcome to Ruger talk ... Hope you stay awhile and help this forum grow
Welcome to RT.....
Welcome to the forum...
Welcome to the group a great bunch of people here enjoy
Welcome to the forum! Glad you've joined us! :)
Greetings From Richmond/Rosenberg, TX
Welcome from MI
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