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Helloo from IOWA

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Good to be here. Got here via Glock
I have a Ruger 10-22 (who doesn't?) and a 357 Blackhawk 50th Anniv .
Others are a 357 Sig Glock 32, Browning Buckmark Contour, FN 5.7 x 28, Marlin 1894 357 Lever Action , Browning BAR 300 Win Mag.
Retired Tool n Die Maker..
US Navy Vietnam Vet. Dad and Granddad of Veterans
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Welcome to the forum, from Ohio prior USMC, current LEO/K9 handler
Welcome from OK Magellan. Thank you both for your service.
Welcome to the Ruger Talk Forum Magellan !!
Welcome to the forum magellan....Enjoy!!
Welcome to Ruger Talk
I got here via Facebook.I am new to owning a gun, have a Ruger LCP .380, just got my concealed carry permit here in MN. Looking to purchase something bigger to keep at home but need a light recoil & something easy to shoot. Any recommendations? Thanks! :)
A nice low recoil piece woud be a FN 5.7 X 28 .
20 round Mag and 2000+ fps.
Hard to find and pricey, but life is worth it !
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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