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Hello Ruger friends,

I bought my first Ruger (Security-Six 6" stainless) some 29 years ago and I have owned a few more since then.

4" GP-100 Stainless. Manufactured in 1989. Wolf springs, hi-vis front sight, unknown makers SP-101 sized grips with Rosewood inserts. This is our house gun

5.5" Bull barrel MKII. Manufactured in 1993. "No gunsmithing" mount with a Primary Arms mini reflex green dot sight.

10/22 standard model. Manufactured in 1996. This one is a work in progress. I am building it into a "tactical-tackdriver" for my youngest son.

LCP manufactured in 2011. Not much to be done here. I painted the front sight white.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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