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Hello from Tennessee

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Hello all. I also came over from FTF.
I'm a long time Ruger owner. I've probably owned more Rugers than any other brand.
I look forward to spending some time here.
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Welcome to RugerTalk glad you could join the Ruger community
Glad you made it over here,

Welcome ,

I think we have crossed paths ,:)

Welcome to RugerTalk !

Glad to see ya over here :)
:waving: Howdy and Welcome to Ruger Talk from Clarksville Tennessee.
Welcome from Fayetteville, TN. Not me exactly me but most of my long lost relatives!
I'm midstate. Cookeville, to be exact. I live right in town now, so no more shooting from the porch or deck. :D
Welcome to RT........
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from SW Ohio
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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