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    Hi to all.
    My name is Derwyn Hinton and I live in between Baton rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana. I have been a hunter and shooter for 50+ years and at the age of 61 I don't plan on quiting anytime soon. I have had several different makes and models through the years, revolvers and semi-autos alike. I have had a S&W for a few years and have been wanting to conceal carry so I started looking at smaller weapons. For Christmas I bought my wife a Ruger SR22 and I bought a Ruger LC9s for myself.
    I am interested in any good info on both pistols I have mentioned, the LC9s & the SR22.

    Glad to have found this site and have high hopes in learning much great info!!
    Thanks, for having me, Derwyn:)
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    We are super happy to have you joining our family! :) Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

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    Hi Derwyn. Welcome to RT. You will be exposed to much good info on a lot of stuff, and some info that invites application of a salt shaker - but is still good. Depends on how you look at it.

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    Welcome aboard! You'll find this site a great source of information, tips and guidance.
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    Welcome to RugerTalk,

    Thanks for joining.

    I dont own an LC9, But I own a SR22, and it is a great pistol,
    My SR22 doesn't like Remington Thunderbolt ammo,


    But I don't either....too much leading in the bore.
    We do enjoy pics...:cool:

    You will like talking to the folks here .

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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the R/T !!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the forum from Eastern Iowa!
  10. Dwhyz1

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    WOW!!! The welcome response seems real! I have joined other forums for other reasons and never got the welcome committee like I have here!!! :):):)
    Thank each and everyone of you! I really hope to learn much from this site. I just bought both of the pistols that I mentioned, LC9s & a SR22. I have shot both of them only a few rounds, many 30-40 each on Christmas @ my Mom-n-law's out in the country. Love them both. I have a Mossberg 715T that I bought to have fun with my grandson and we have really enjoyed it. This is a Mossberg 702 Plinkster that Mossberg wrapped with a plastic wrap that makes it look like an AR. I figured that would peak his interest in shooting, he is 12 this week.

    In shooting the rifle I have bought anything I could get and @ Cabela's in town, that makes buying ammo easy and cheap. Now with the SR22 I now have to figure out what will cycle thru it and what wont. In reading I have seen conflicting answers from different users, so I figured that I will look at HIGH VOLICITY rounds to begin with. It seems that CCI has 3 different rounds that should work. Phideaux mentioned that his SR22 didn't like Remington Thunderbolt & I have heard elsewhere that their SR22 shot anything he threw at it. But I can't see where I can go wrong using high volicity bullets.

    Any comments on this? Sending a Pic of both Pistols, but will have to log onto phone first so...catch me in a bit. Dwhyz1
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    Welcome aboard and you have two very good Rugers. I have the SR22 and it mostly has shot anything I feed it which is the cheapest 22 ammo I can find. I think I have had a couple failures to feed but a couple isn't bad. Well it can be depending on situation, but I don't carry it for SD. As far as that goes I have had many semi autos that had a failure of some kind.
    I have even had failures in revolvers due to crappy ammo.
    I would like to hear you and wife's shooting results with your new guns.