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Hello from NC.

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I'm prior Air Force Mp on the secuirity side. I've been eyeing the SR40 for several years. Recently I've been looking more into the SR9c and SR40c for conceal carry and home defends. I'm leaning more towards the 9. I hate how prices have sky rocketed and availability very limited for the gun and ammo. Wish me luck on even trying to find one.

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Welcome from the Peoples Republic of Chapel Hill!!
Welcome from Kenly, NC! I'm prior Air Force as well, good luck on your search!
Thanks for the welcomes. I forgot to mention I live in Concord, NC. I'm also looking at the Ruger LCR.

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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to RT.....
Good luck on your SR search. I'd check the Ruger website and find dealers in your area. Give them a call and get on their waiting lists.

Thanks for your service to our country. Welcome from Oklahoma.
Howdy Ruger Enthusiast!!
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