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    Hello everyone, a member on a glock forum mentioned this forum and I figured I could check it out. I am just about 22 years old and when I am not a work I am doing something that relates to shooting. Whether its the red ryder, the bow, or actually at a range blasting off some rounds its what I do. The only Ruger's I own are a LCP and the M77/44.

    The LCP is a LCP lol its a good pistol for its purpose but not my favorite pistol. I happened to find it at a local gun store and it was priced pretty nice so I picked it up and have carried it ever since.

    The 77-44 is my go to gun most of the time. I love it without a doubt. I took it out this year for deer hunting and it landed my first deer/buck. Just the accuracy on this gun is amazing, I took it out to the range the other day and grouped 5 rounds on top of each other at 50 yards with a $50 sun optic scope and ammo I reloaded.
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    Welcome to Rugertalk Josh!

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    Welcome from Texas!
    Glad you made the trip over from the Glock site.
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    Welcome to the Ruger Talk Forum !!