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    Been a member here a while, just not very active. The forum was pretty active when I joined, but sort of died away. There is starting to be more traffic and new members and I thought maybe I would introduce myself again.

    My interest in firearms started young, I can't ever remember not being around them. My grandfather was a watchmaker and a gunsmith. Unfortunately I was early in my second decade of life when he passed, but I had been taught, mostly on air guns, how to keep them running.

    I spent my school years running trot lines in the summer, along with mowing yards, and running trap lines in the winter. Shot rats at the FCX for bounty and crows for the farmers. My desire was to become a game warden. After I graduated high school I joined the USMC as aareservist. Went to Parris Island then to Twenty-Nine Palms CA where I was trained in electronics. After schooling I was sent to my Reserve unit, where because I was one of the two top shooters in my unit, I was cross trained as a marksmanship instructor and armorer. Which rekindled my interest in working on firearms.

    I was lucky enough to be there when you could buy milsurps at the big box stores out of a barrel in the sporting goods department for $50 to $70. When I turned 21 I bought my first personal handgun, a H&R. Which led to the purchase of an H&R Shikari. This led to a collection of H&R and NEF rifles, shotguns, and handguns. I always liked the Ruger firearms though. Acquired a MKII, Old Army, and a Mini 14, which were my only Rugers for a long time.

    About 5 years ago, I decided to sell off my collection and spend my retirement shooting what I have always wanted. I have been selling off my H&R collection at the local gun shop for store credit which I am using to buy Rugers. For anyone interested, it takes 3 1/2 to 4 H&R's to buy 1 Ruger! I am ending up with a much smaller but a much nicer collection.
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    Welcome back Greg
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    Great story Greg. I envy you because you got started young enough, I got into the game very late in life, mainly because I never grew up around guns and really never gave much thought to it. I did shoot a couple times when I was younger but barely even remember what heck I even shot.

    And when I did get into it it was mainly for the purpose to carry concealed because I started getting worried about my vulnerability because I have an obvious handicap and ripe for the pickings.

    So I took a safety course and gun handling course that was a combination package along with the various nuance of different type handguns including revolvers, field stripping and clean etc. and the do's and don't of deadly force. This was put on by our local NRA chapter in conjunction with our States premier gun club and taught by NRA members and active police personal. It was required then by my city to get permitted.

    What I have discovered however along the way the last few years is how much I really enjoy going to the range and blasting a few box's of ammo. It's very relaxing to me and gives me a sense of freedom.
    I found a nice gun club and joined up as I prefer to shoot outside and the yearly dues are reasonable considering I can go when I want from just about sun up to sun down. And have the whole place to myself if I plan it right.

    However I just bought a new gun which I haven't even broken in yet but if it works out good I'm done buying guns. If it doesn't I'll go back to a snubby and that will be the end of it. I want to spend what time I have left getting proficient with what I got and just enjoy it. To much time and money wasted trying to find a gun I'm 100% comfortable with.

    It's heck of a hobby ain't it. (wish I'd discovered it sooner in life)
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    Welcome from Texas!
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    From Kentucky,welcome!