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    I didn't see my first invisible aircraft. I heard it but I sure didn't see it. It was around 5 p.m. and it sounded like the plane was flying from A&M{north} area towards Brookshire area{south}. The sky was clear blue with great visibility.

    I was at the end of my driveway getting the mail when I heard what sounded like a jet plane taking off but like it was barely moving. The sound lasted probably about a minute. It was so loud it sounded like it very low flying. It was to loud to be flying so high that I couldn't see it. I didn't see any exhaust trails either. I felt no wind or force upon me so I didn't think it was like a hovercraft. The sun was in my eyes so I held the mail up to block the sun but I still couldn't see anything in the sky. Actually it was like standing at the end of an airport runway hearing the loudness of the jets getting the plane flying right above you. I saw no plane or reflection off of it. Even after it was farther away and the sun wasn't blocking my sight I still couldn't see it. I couldn't believe how loud yet how slow and low it seemed to have been flying.

    I thought dang if I only had my camera at the time. LOL Well a movie camera. You would have heard what I heard and wouldn't see what I didn't see. No this isn't a Halloween prank, at least not that anyone has fessed up to. No I hadn't taken any mind altering drugs either. I don't do drugs or booze. This really happened.
    I read a post on Reddit from a year ago that a woman had the same experience in Cypress,TX which is about 20 miles from me. Her post was locked down after only 4 replies.

    ET phone home.
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    Reminds me of my Marine Corps days. We were on a CAX when I heard a jet fly over. We did not see it. Was told by the referee not to worry looking for it because we were already dead. It was an A4 that had done a mock strafing on us. When we heard the jet it had already come and gone.
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    I hear them outside of Shiner too!