Hear say is not proof.

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    Impeach Trump based on hear say evidence. Hear say is not admissible in a court of law in most cases. https://criminal.findlaw.com/criminal-procedure/hearsay-evidence.html
    The far left aka socialist Deep State are so afraid of Trump getting elected to his second term that they will try anything including changing the wording of the Whistle Blower clause allowing hear say to try and oust him before 2020 election.
    I wish the American voters could read this link to see just how far fetched the left are going to try and get Trump ousted from the White House. First it was the Russian collusion, which was bogus, to now it is the Ukraine collusion against Biden to impeach Trump all on hear say statements.
    If Trump wasn't such a threat to the far left then the far left wouldn't be trying so hard to oust him. I do believe the American voters see that and aren't as stupid as the Democrats think they are.
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    The Democrats have nothing left, except totally manufactured "scandal's". This is what the Meuller probe was all about.

    They can't run on any home grown ideas, because they have none...they know this too, thus all the saber rattling over nothing. These people are so desperate, they are just throwing stuff against the wall, to see what will stick.

    They are despicable.
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    It's GOSSIP. The transcript of the call is available, so read it yourself. Don't need anybody to filter it for me.