Happy Independence Day or 4th of July?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by buster40c, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. buster40c

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    If you have any wonder what really is to be celebrated on the 4th of July then you need a whoopin.
    If this video is not a total fake out then no wonder people have no idea why they should be shaking with fear of what is happening in our government right now.
    I really wonder just what our politicians celebrate on July 4th? No, maybe I don't want to know.
  2. phideaux

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    Happy Independence Day to all

    July 4 , 1776... our nation is born... free from all tyranny.

    Thanks to the colonists and everyone that has fought to keep us indenpendent.

    Be safe.


  3. Tommycourt

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    This vid would be funny if it weren't so true on the idiocy of the American people. They are all different ages and nationalities and yet they have no idea of how our independence was won and what the Declaration of Independence means or represents. What did they learn, if anything in school? How can you celebrate something that really has no meaning to you? They just laugh because they think it's funny and it's not really. Where will these people be when our country is threatened with the coming of people like ISIS? How will they react and what will they do? Our country is over run with people like this and how it happens is unbeknown to me. People who come to this country legally have to learn how to speak and write in English, take governmental classes and have a basic understanding of our Constitution. These are the people that we would have to fight for should we be invaded. Do you want to defend someone that has no understanding of how our system works? And one more thing, these people have the right to vote. That's the part that makes me sick with disgust. It's the old geezers that have an understanding of what we fought for and those are the ones who should be honored. I will end my rant for now, however, to those out there who have an understanding of our rights and who we won our independence from, I truly wish you a happy and properous Happy 4th of July, OUR independence day!!

    And to my buddy Buster, thank you for showing us this video. I know you feel the same way I do and hope you have a happy holiday also.

    TINCANBANDIT Active Member

    I am embarrassed by this, but my guess is that this was edited and the those that knew the correct answers are not being shown. I can only hope that more knew the answers than didn't.

    I can tell you this, my children know exactly what happened on July 4th 1776 and the prices paid by those that signed perhaps the most important document of mankind.

    Two last things....don't forget to fly Old Glory and thank a Veteran!
  5. VThillman

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    The Declaration was the beginning of something big for 'common' people. After they got shed of King George III and Parliament, some folks got together and worked out a document that had a chance to keep that something big going. A bunch of state legislators and landowners ratified that document and the first 10 amendments to it.

    Here we are, a considerable time later, some of us celebrating that beginning.

    The above are "just the facts, Ma'am", as Joe Friday used to say. None of the future is facts, so maybe that something big will last another several centuries. I'm going to drink to that possibility later today, and tomorrow too.

    Do you suppose that :hammer: is pounding in some sense of obligations?