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    About a year ago, I decided to buy a good, quality gun belt. I had contacted Bigfoot, but I wasn't impressed with how much they charged to ship. I then looked into Hank's, and ordered one of their Kevlar-reinforced belts.
    After I had it a short time, I decided to order a heavy duty leather belt, not reinforced. I liked how the Kevlar belt carried my gun, but it was very stiff, and hard to feed through a pancake holster. The plain leather belt performed very well, but was easier to use.
    So, I had one of each, and I would switch them out periodically, to see what worked best. One day, I noticed that the Kevlar-reinforced belt had some kinks in it- the Kevlar insert had snapped in a couple of places (surprisingly, not where it threaded through the holster). I was surprised, because I am easy on my belts. The plain leather belt had no issues.
    I reached out to Hank's, and they promptly sent me a new belt, and took the old one back.
    That was about 4 months ago. Yesterday, while threading the Kevlar belt through my belt loops, I heard a snap. The new belt has broken, too. Obviously, the Kevlar is a good idea to stiffen a belt, but the application leaves something to be desired. I'm still using it, but I wouldn't buy another. Partly because two have broken under gentle, periodic use, and partly because the plain, non-reinforced belt is doing so good.
    I can not tell a difference between the two belts when carrying. None of my guns are super heavy, so that may be part of it. Either way, the heavy, straight leather belt works great, performs better than the reinforced belt, and has been problem free. Because Hank's was so good about replacing the Kevlar belt, I am not upset. Stuff happens. I would highly recommend them, as well as their leather belts. For what it's worth, I don't think that reinforced belts are the answer- whether it is Kevlar or stainless band (like Bigfoot's).
    This is the one that I would buy, again-
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    5.11 also makes an extremely thick belt which is akin to a Sam Brown I wore on duty for years.
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    I've been wearing a Bigfoot w/steel belt for several months now. No complaints. A guy on another forum - lives on an island off the NW coast - says that the steel will eventually cut stitching. One of his past lives was spent working with leather, so I buy his story. Bigfoot does make a heavyweight all-leather belt, but so far I don't need one.
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    Had anybody used one of the ratcheting gun belts. I have NAAA disease. My pants don't stay with just my keys in the pocket, I wonder I will keep them up if I choose to carry on a waist option.
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    ^^^ I got the same trouble with pants. My belly is my problem, it pushes my pants down too low and my butt don't stick out far enough to compensate. I can pocket carry a subcompact but my belt has to be cinched up tighter than I like. In winter I switch to my coat or vest pocket and it works great.
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    Spikedriver.... That "No Ass At All" disease affects a lot of us. Add a little gut and I understand why our ancestors wore braces. I like your method and probably the way I will handle it.
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    I've got a leather belt from Hank's and it does a good job and is comfortable but the finish on the inside of it is a little rougher finished than you would expect from one priced at $60. It also is getting some sway in it in the back side and haven't had it a few months. I might try another brand the next time.
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    I wear a Bianchi gun belt have for the last six years. Still going strong.:D
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    Like some above, I am all gut and no butt. Need a hip transplant from Kim Kardsahian!

    I bought 2 KORE Gun belts (Different than their fashion belts). Love them. Easy to adjust and holding up very well. Like above, I have to tighten tight to keep my pants up but that is me not the belt. You can order just buckles and just belts but I ordered a black and a brown with different buckles to have some choices.
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    I know some of you may laugh but I found a nylon belt at the Goodwill store that works perfect with my Galco holster. It has the front loop like we used to wear in the Army. Not exactly the same but it has the two loops to adjust to any size. It is 1 1/2" wide and fits over the top of my belt and is more comfortable to carry. If you are looking for a good belt, Goodwill has them. I paid $1.50 for the belt I use.

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    :Trophy2:^^^ I guess Jim finds the deals on guns, you get the deals on belts...