H&R and Marlin got me

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    OK , here' my story..
    My wife don't like me now, she loves me but I don't think she likes me.:):duck:

    She knows ,most of the time, when I am on the hunt for a particular gun. I mention it often.
    I gotta get her involved and interested in what I'm interested in. She is cool with that.

    Sunday, a guy advertised locally, (well an hour 10 min north) that he had a H&R Handi SB2 rifle LNIB , in 45-70 govt.
    Now yall know very well, that anything in 45 70 gov , usually gets my attention.

    He was asking $350, that's OK but not what I'd give. So I arranged for the wife and I to drive there at 2pm and take a look.
    He ask me if there was anything else I liked , as he was selling off a bunch of his guns, I said yeah I been on the lookout for an H&R Ultra slug ....he laughed and said "I got one" , I said "bring it". I been looking for a long time.

    So we drove up and He showed me the 45-70 first, Tapered bull barrel , that's a plus,
    Like he said, LNIB, cant tell its ever been fired...$350. hmmmm

    Then He showed me the H&R Ultra slug , whoa, LNIB and a rifled BULL Barrel, and a Bushnell Sportsman Scope , and sling. Holy crap , never dreamed of getting one with the BULL barrel ( Ive heard its a 10 gage barrel bored to 12ga) I actually have been wanting a real cannon anyway .... .730 dia bore.:cool:. $425....hmmm

    Then he brings out this gorgeous Stainless Steel Marlin 25MNSS bolt action .22 magnum , Ducks Unlimited edition. .
    Its pretty, nice rifle, I got a Marlin in .22mag already, bore is great, stock is dinged up a bit.

    Buuuttt...... what got my attention was the Scope ...yeah the scope, it is a 20 year old Weaver Classic 2x10x38...I just happen to be familiar with that scope, and knew it was about $200 scope., and was still clear as could be, fantastic double + crosshair, in really good condition. I figure , what the heck , if I can get the rifle cheap enough , I may bite...he is asking $325.

    So I make him a couple low ball offers on the 45-70, then the Slug gun and the 45-70, then the Slug gun and the Marlin. HA! he's moving ..

    I drove away with all 3 guns or $700.

    Now my wife don't like me :):rolleyes:, just because I bought 3 guns... she just don't understand what a great deal I just made.:cool:

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  2. phideaux

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    Here they are
    I'm happy, $200 for the 45-70
    $200 for the Marlin
    $300 for the H&R Slug gun.
    Cant wait to shoot that shoulder cannon






    100_5935 - Copy - Copy.jpg

    100_5931 - Copy - Copy.jpg

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  3. greg_r

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    Jealous, but you know I like Handi Rifles. You have Tracker II on the picture, but methinks it's an Ultra. Like you said, 24" 10 gauge barrel bored to 12 gauge with ultragon rifling. It's on a 10 gauge frame. The Tracker is on a 12 gauge frame with a smooth bore barrel, the Tracker II is the same except for a rifled barrel. The Trackers don't really have enough steel around the chamber to drill and tap them. And the Ultra? I expect you will be happy with the accuracy!

    The SB2 is an older model. Has the same barrel as the ultralight, 22 inch tapered. The newer model does not have the Schnabel for end and has a heavier barrel. I would be interested to know the letters on the serial number? I had the Ultralight with a extra 22 Hornet barrel. The 45/70 kicks like an angry mule!

    I lucked out also. Got a Buffalo Classic 45/70 and a Sportster 22LR. Found them at a LGS. I know the guy and he watches too much American Pickers. Wanted to bundle! He was asking $325 for the Buffalo Classic and $175 for the Sportster. I ended up giving him $325 for the BC and $75 for the sportster, don't bad about that at all. I'm H&R / NEF so far this year, one for each month. Think I can keep the trend going and be 12 for 12? :D
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    No point in wasting gas buying just one gun. You have t explain it to her in a woman's perspective. How often does a woman come back from a sale with just one item? They always say what a deal they got.
    I do think she wonders why you thought you had to have all three. It isn't like you are short on guns. LOL Like they say you can't take it with ya.
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  5. SavageGuy

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    Jim: I'm not sure how you sleep at night. Not because of how you practically stole those gun from that poor guy, but because I don't think you have any room in your house to put a bed because it's filled with guns!

    Congrats on the new guns. I know you'll enjoy them!
  6. phideaux

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    The 45-70 H&R is 1993 mfg,
    The Slug gun is 1995 mfg
    The Marlin is 1996 mfg.

    I researched the The Slug gun, it is a NEF Pardner Tracker II Plus, it is exactly the same as the H&R Ultra Slug,
    When NEF bought H&R in 1986 they just change the name and added the Weaver scope mount . It is a 10 ga frame and barrel.

    We buy things we like ,

    Some people buy vacations and cruises , I don't...;):)

    I will never run out of room for more.:cool:


    btw, he also had a Mossberg 695 Slug gun bolt action 12 ga, I looked at , but it was black synthetic :rolleyes:. But a cool gun.
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    That 22 mag is the one that catches my eye. I love Marlin rimfires. I've heard they put Green Mountain barrels on their 17 HMR guns, and I don't know about the 22 mags, but the 22 LR guns are way more accurate than they have a right to be. We need a range report, pronto!
  8. Tommycourt

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    I can understand why she is mad. If you would take the courtesy and say: "Honey, since we have gone this far, let's go find you
    another pair of shoes or a blouse or a skirt or a sweater. I will buy you anything your heart desires as long as it doesn't go over $10.00 cuz I need some more money for ammo. When you get to the store of HER desires, then ask her to loan you the money and promise to pay her back the first chance you get (maybe an IOU will work). You just can't have it your way all the time. You have to take her considerations into your thoughts. I promised mine I would take her to the Salvation Army and she could buy anything she wanted on Thursday (that is senior half price day) and she was tickled to death. You gotta use your brain buddy!!!

  9. greg_r

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    DOH!!!! You even said Plus in the Pic!