Gunsmiths and 22/45 experts, I have a ?

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    So I bought a Gold Lite awhile back and finally got around to putting in some parts I bought for it. Its brand new, never been fired (the mrs blessed me with a set of twins awhile back so I have 0 free time to shoot). Anyways I'm gonna try some steel plate matches this summer if time allows, so I bought a extended mag release, Volquartsen target sear and Bam bushing for the mag disconnect. Installed all the parts, it all seems to work properly except for one thing. With an empty mag in the gun, the bolt will not release with the release button. Remove the mag and it operates . At first I thought that's how it works but I just got a Black Lite (was too cheap and pretty that I couldn't pass up):) and the bolt will release on it with an empty mag. Is the fact I put the mag disconnect bushing in the gold lite the reason the release won't work with an empty mag or did I screw something up?:confused: I have a total of 8 mags and tried everyone of them with no difference. thanks Erik
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    I don't think the Sam Lam bushing has anything to do with it. I have the same thing in mine and I don't have this problem

    Some part that got changed might not right. Try putting parts back to make it back as new (I think you can leave out that mag safety, I would). From your description it seems something must be in the way of the bolt release lever OR the part was machined wrong. It can't be the magazines so i'm guessing maybe the magazine release might be in the way. it could have been machined slightly off? You just never know with aftermarket parts. Put your old one back in and see how it functions now.

    Other then that, there's a couple other things i'd consider: the gun might have been reassembled wrong, a pin is walking itself out (sear pin/hammer pin), the sear spring, bolt stop lever spring, bolt stop ball and spring, or trigger spring might be out of place. Or very dirty parts might also help cause this.
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