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  1. Tommycourt

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    I was leafing through the internet and ran across a Guns & Ammo article discussing the difference between the Range officer/Commander vs. the full size SR1911. (Buster told me to quit buying the mag but I had to look at the net article). The author mentioned that the shorter pistol with a shorter site picture is harder to shoot than the full size Commander. (4 1/4" vs. 5") I think I am in agreement. Just that 3/4 " does make a difference (at least to me). I can see it when I go to the range. We have a short indoor range here (50 feet) and I have to make sight adjustments when shooting my Commander. It has the propensity to shoot a little lower than my full size. I would like to have your comments and thoughts on this article. The sights on both pistols are the same in all dimensions. Do you think it makes a difference?
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    can you rig up some kind of a bench rest at the range? might make some sight adjustments and then see how the guns group. when I'm shooting a new gun, I cheat and use my reading glasses to see the sights. for just regular (defensive) practice I just get the front sight pointed in the right direction and pull the trigger. in defensive shooting the eye is never off of the target, not to worried about sights. real life, the target is probably moving, so it's more like shooting clays or birds. some day I sure would like to try to shoot skeet with a pistol, would that be a hoot?

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    Yeah, it would be fun - but there'd be bullets going out God knows where.

    Tommy, Caldwell sells a handgun rest pretty cheap; mostly plastic but durable enough. Might be interesting to see where the guns actually, ah, want to throw the bullets.
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    I definitely believe a longer sight picture makes a noticeable difference. I notice I definitely shoot my Sig P226 better than any of my guns and it has the longest sight picture as well. Now whether that is the reason I shoot better with it might not be the reason.

    Marc I need try your point and shoot and see how I do with it. In defense situation the BG might not wait till I take time to settle-aim-shoot like when I am paper punching.
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    Interesting thoughts. I have no nonstandard length 1911's, but I have shorter barreled 9mm's that I'm as accurate with at closer ranges like 15 yds, as the 1911.

    Frankly, I've only shot a commander barreled Kimber and didn't see a difference. But it wasn't mine and I only ran a couple mags through it.
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    I have a compact 1911, and I can see where a longer sight picture would be helpful, along with a bit better grip............