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    haven't checked in for a while . been reading some but not talking much. have purchased 2 sigs in the past few months . first was a 365 9mm . heka of a gun ! after nearing 20 mags shot thru it , + p's , +p+ , all kinds of ball ammo & other various hp's , it has functioned 100% . just recently purchased a sig p320 . just got around to shooting it 2 weeks ago . it was so hot out , 90 degrees , we limited the range time some. got 4 mags thru it , it was 100% with ball & all the other ammo i mentioned above fired thru the 365 . plus this gun IS accurate. they can say what they want about the " giant killer " other guns doing the sig in .... i like both of mine and they are keepers ! sig builds a great gun in my opinion.
    still got to go out & shoot my sr1911 commander some more . this is a superb gun , one of my very favorites out of the several 1911 type guns i own . i have got more rugers than any other make , so that will tell about my take on ruger quality . other manufactures are also building great guns which makes it an interesting world for the shooter/collector .
    lets have some range time fun before the white stuff gets here !
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    Congrats on the new sig pistolas. Sounds like they are both great shooters.

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    Sounds good hoosierguy, I'm coming up on a year here on the forum, good place. I picked up a Ruger EC9s last year and have been very happy with it. Especially for the price, paid just over two hundred with shipping. Perhaps one of the best kept secrets in the handgun world.

    Anyway I'm done with handgun calibers I'm looking to get into a shotgun but having a hard time getting the numbers to work for me, I know 'precisely' the ft. lbs of energy and the recoil pulse I am comfortable with. I'm not one who can own a gun if I can't enjoy it at the range for more than a few rounds and any gun I own has to serve both as a working gun and a range gun.

    If I can't get my math to work out I'll move into a rifle round. The shotgun or rifle would be for home defense were as my 9mm is more for the social work. Even crunching the numbers on a .410 bore is difficult with the ammo I want to use for it. (000 buck 5 pellet) I'm not messing around with any bird-shot.

    If worst comes to worst I'm going .223, that's a dandy round and affordable and very comfortable to shoot.
    But there is nothing better in the home than a shotgun.

    Well, have fun and if you get the chance give us a range report on your SR1911.
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    IF you are looking for investments look at machine guns and milsup.
  5. buster40c

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    I wanted a 20ga semi auto and when I was at Wally's I saw a 20ga for around $209. It is made by Hatfield. The woman said she sells them as fast as they come into the store and has not had any complaints on them. She said two in her family had bought them and just loved them.
    I bought one and it has performed without so much as a hick up.
    The 12ga is just more than I care to shoot now.
    The 410 in my opinion is a bad choice. Ammo is much more expensive and less on availability. I also all things considered I don't think its near comparable to say a 20ga.
    To each their own choice though.
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    I'm with Buster on this. A 20 with a 26 inch barrel can be a dandy bird gun and with a load of #4 buck makes a decent house gun too. Big buckshot shouldn't be necessary at in the home ranges, but I agree that birdshot isn't optimal...
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    I agree with Buster40c and Spikedriver. Long ago I bought a 12ga 870. Later on I found some shotgun reducers from Cabelas. I would have my 6yr old and 9yr old boys shoot the 12ga. with the reducers. I started them off with the .410, when they got a little older I used 28ga., 16ga., then the 20ga. all from the same 12ga. shotgun. My little girl liked the .410ga. The ammo is a bit pricey for the .410, .28 and .16ga. and not as readily available. They are all low on recoil. The 20ga is light on recoil compared to the 12ga. or 10ga. and is just as available as the 12ga. also the 20ga. ammo is also just as available as the 12ga.

    For home defense you can use shot size 4 and up. Shot sizes 3 and 2 can be quite devastating to human skin and bone, plus you get more pellets in each shell.
    Law enforcement and the military use 9-00. for their 20ga. and their 12ga. There are a variety of other shotgun ammo for self defense like the ones that come with two or three pellets backed up by a slug. As for the affordability, Walmart or Big-5 has good prices. Sometimes as low as $200.00 for a pump. Such as "Partner" shotguns. Not long ago I saw one advertised at Big-5 for $179.00

    They are worth taking a look at. They do seam reliable as they are a copy of any other pump shotgun like the famous Remington 870 or Mossberg 500.
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    Glad you like your new SIGS OP! That P365 seems to be a very popular carry choice these days. ;)
  9. Magnum.357

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    Congratulations on your Sig, hoosierguy. It's a great gun
    I have a Sig P-365. It is a very nice gun. I m glad to have jumped into the Sig wagon, regardless of the negative reviews. I fired 1,000 rounds of mixed ammo and it performed flawlessly. It is my first and only 9mm. I mostly buy Ruger, they've always performed at 100%.
    I also bought a kydex holster from "We the People" to go with the Sig. It came in a small travel bag and a 2nd Amendment hat.
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  10. nickndfl

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    My FIL gave me a Winchester Model 37 single shot 20 ga. from the 1950s. Lots of fun to shoot by everybody.
  11. Magnum.357

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    Sorry guys, on post #9 I mentioned the sig is my fist and only 9mm. I meant to say it is my first and 9mm that I've kept. I once had a Glock 43. That too is a very nice weapon but I passed it to my son.
    Both guns have quite a bit of recoil. I like them both but just kept one for myself and one for my son. They are great for concealment. I think the Shield is another great gun.
  12. Joe Benedetto

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    Congrats on your P365.
    My mid April 2018 365 has just under 15,000 rounds through it. 7 or 8 different brands and grains, brass and 2,000 rounds of Federal & Blazer Brass Aluminum, with zero trouble. It's my EDC. Replacing my SR40c & Performance Center Shield 45. Still love the SR40c and shoot it regularly. My other favorites at the range are my Mark IV Tactical, SR1911/10mm, 10/22Takedown & PC Carbine 9mm. Looking to pick up a Silver Wrangler real soon.
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