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    You folks are probably familiar with what can happen when an untrained guy gets in a scuffle with a boxer - one who is playing with him, popping jabs that the guy can't dodge or block. The untrained guy is apt to start flailing wildly in the hope that something will land.

    I suppose I am stretching the metaphor; I tend to do that.

    Obama has accomplished very little of what he said he wanted to do back in 2008. Certainly in the realm of Gun Control, Congress has blocked him six ways from Sunday. Time is getting short, and now Congress is more unfriendly than ever (pretty useless too, but that another story).

    So... Obama is flailing wildly. That's what these Executive Orders are. They can't land significant or permanent blows, even if Congress is too screwed up to act.

    Mind you, this is just my guess/observation. I ain't telling any lefties or righties what they ought to do, 'cause both sets of folks think I'm crazy.

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    I feel there is some truth to what you said but I also think we the people, mass population, have not been allowed to know the heavy below the belt punches he did land. When he has gotten totally unconstitutional directives passed it shows he got some below the belt punches in. Like if your losing the fight then bite the opponents ear off. Well Obama is punching below the belt and Congress nor anyone else is stopping those punches. NDAA and TPP are two of the biggest below the belt punches he signed.
    Bush actually signed an agreement with Mexico and Canada which in many ways opened the borders for the North American Union but they quickly saw the people would call for his impeachment so they quickly changed the name of the agreement so it in no way inferred to the selling out of US sovereignty. Obama's TPP just took it one step farther with a trade agreement that its content was almost totally kept secretive. IMO we will see how signing the TPP just signed off Americas sovereignty.
    We only think we still have the Constitution but when it goes to court we are seeing how the Constitution is being re-interpreted to legalize other meanings.
    Freedom of the press............well how you take care of that glitch in your plans is buy up and own all of the press. That has been a done deal for a long time now.

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    I agree with VT to an extent...Obama is and has been flailing away since 2010, IMHO.

    But you did forget Santa Claus, E V E R Y B OD Y...loves Santa, ,
    Thats his trump card, and Mrs Santas will follow.:rolleyes:

    Ya know...spread the wealth,..thats what Hitlery has been spewing.

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    The only thing is Santa Clause doesn't take from your neighbors chimney and then stuff it down your chimney. Some brotherly love isn't it? LOL when your neighbor moves you better hope the new people moving in have more than you.
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    I think you guys are being too critical of Obama. He has done so much for this country (According to him). He mad Obamacare (wonderful) in which you can keep your doctor if you like him. You never liked your doctor. He is making us all richer by taking away from the rich (check is in the mail). He has strengthen the SCOTUS (now they are political instead of interpreting the law, they are making up laws). He is making the middle east a much better place to live (ISIS has murdered thousands so there is less famine and strife). He has a nuclear treaty ( of which Iran will have a nuke faster) and the Ayatollah is an ass-a-hola who chants death to America. He has solved the immigration problem (now everyone can come in and get benefits and drivers license). Our military is much stronger (we just witnessed that in Tenn). The military don't know how to use weapons so we don't have any Accidental Discharges. The homeland security director Jerimiah Jey is very much involved in our national security (he was asked but don't know the answers) Eric Holder was a wonderful Attorney General ( still under indictment from the Federal Government) for the killing of border security agent Brian Perry. Our children go to better schools (first they have to learn English) and feeds and clothes them. And he is training Hillary to take the reins when he leaves to insure his legacy ensuring we will live in a safer nation. And one more thing: He wants to dissolve the 2nd amendment so with gun free zones the crooks don't have to worry about being injured while arrested. He has made this nation safer and anyone who thinks that Afro Americans are discriminated against, he will fight the battle against whites. Guantanamo bay will be empty therefore our battle against all other countries will cease and peace will be prevalent across our great nation. I just wish you people would take a good hard look at all he has done and not be quite so critical. You have to open your heart and listen to him so you can fully understand. Now personally, I am really hard of hearing so I can't hear what he says that makes any sense. And I can't see sheet nor able to read because I am dyslexic, so would you all please straighten me out??????