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    I have about convinced myself that the GSR, stainless laminated stock in 308 is what I want. I will remove the rear sight and mid mounted rail and mount a Vortex 2x7 scope conventionally over the reciever and add a few of the 5 round polymer Ruger magazines.

    Wow, but does this rifle get a lot of hate! I have asked about it on several forums I am a member of. Overpriced, all show-no go, junk, are common responses. So why would I want one? Because the few people who actually claim to own one speak well about them. I am always asked why I want one if I am not really looking for a Scount rifle? Two reasons. #1, it's about as close as I can come to what I want in a rifle. 18 inch barrel with a somewhat heavy barrel chambered in 308 with a flash suppressor. ( I hunt pigs at night) And no! I don't want a 6.5 Creedmore. So don't try and sell me one. I like the 308, I already own and load for 308, and I WANT A 308! And #2, it's a Ruger.

    My second choice is the American Predator in 308. 18" somewhat heavy, threaded barrel. I would drop it in either a MDT LSS chassis, or a Magpul Hunter stock. I would have between $650 and $800 plus in the rifle, less the scope, depending on the stick I choose. By all accounts the 308 Predator only gives mediocre accuracy, but I'm guessing a stock change would maybe fix that. But I would have nearly the price of the GSR, so why not go that route.

    A third option, and one that gets a lot of love, is the Mossberg MVP. Either the Scout or Patrol version. You get a better trigger, if you like bladed triggers, but a painted wooden stock. The bolt is fluted, which I like, but it's a push feed. Not a big deal, but I prefer controlled feed if I have a choice. It takes either AR-10 or M1A magazines which is a definite plus. The scope can be mounted conventially, and the irons are usable in either guise. It only has a 16" barrel though.You get a lot of gun for $300 less than the GSR.

    Anyways, my gun money jar is a whole lot closer to empty than full, so I have a bit of time to think about it, but I am leaning heavily twords the GSR.
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    I have the MVP in 308 and can attest to it being a fine rifle.

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    I have had the GSR for about 5 years now. I find it reliable and accurate. I don't shoot it alot, maybe 100-150 rounds a year so YMMV.
    I certainly would not say it is "junk."
    It's probably just me being a old grouch but, over the years I have found that individuals that proclaim a particular item as "junk," tend to be opinionated a$$holes. I immediately stop listening to them.
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    :D The term "junk" is too all-encompassing, and presents a conclusion. The details of the disfavor need to be provided, so that we can arrive at our own conclusion - which of course may be that the complainant is an a$$hole.

    Details of Disfavor. I do enjoy alliteration.