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The Gunsite Scout Rifle is an excellent relatively light, yet solid, .308 cailber, well-balanced bolt action rifle. The very protected rear peep sight is quite easy to pickup in various lighting conditions and more than sufficient to repeatedly pop soda can sized targets with at 100 yds offhand. I am just a regular guy who lives out in the woods where life is simpler, so I don't spend much time punching paper since it neither does it taste good or present much of a threat, so I don't have any shot group photos. Fans of AR type sights will find it very familiar and easy to use. The rail is very well mounted and properly aligned right out of the box, sadly not something I can say about some other rifles I have bought for way more money in the past.

The factory included flash hider works pretty well and tames down the recoil quite a bit compared to the 15 oz lighter Ruger American Rifle in 308 with the same ammo. The front sight post is also sturdy and very well protected.

The GSR is light, nimble, accurate, good looking and just plain fun to shoot with very low recoil and the customizable LOP is great. The forward scout rail works great for red dot style optics if you like a little more weight up front, but I found the iron sights worked just as well. Don't mind the Busse knives photo bombing, great guns deserve great knives to go with them.

If a guy wants to mount a traditional style scope on it, Larue makes an extended cantilever 0 moa mount that can be mounted backwards for perfect eye relief and quick easy removal that holds zero. This shot also shows the Ruger 10 round polymer mag in the same rifle for comparison to the AI mag it came with in the pics above.

My only real complaint after owning/shooting this rifle for most of a year is why do they still ship such an amazing rifle with those goofy AI steel magazines that wobble way too much in the magwell on an otherwise silent gun? The up side is it is a very easy fix, though at additional cost... the first thing to purchase for the rifle is one of Ruger's new polymer mags available in 3, 5 or 10 round capacities for less money than the metal magazine (well, when everyone comes back to rational non-panic based purchasing). Not only is the Ruger made magazine cheaper, but it is also almost an inch smaller 10 rd vs 10 rd, quieter and has zero feeding issues which some folks online complain about with the AI mag. Mine didn't have that issue with it, I just didn't like the extra bulk of the mag as the following pics will demonstrate.

This pic shows the Ruger 10 round above the Ruger 3 round (with the included storage cap like a pmag) on the left, the 10 round Accurate-Mag included in the box in the middle, with a 20 round FNAR mag on the right just to show for reference.

Here are the 10 rounders back to back.

Here are the empty weight comparisons of 8.5 oz vs 3 oz

This shows the dry weight without ammo of just the rifle and ruger 10 round mag at 7lbs 7oz.

This is the weight all scoped out with a sling in my configuration with a 3-9 x 40 Trijicon Accupoint.

BTW, I love the green reticle on the Trijicon for low light or cloudy visibility.

In anticipation of any common keyboard commando type questions: For those of you who want pics of shot groups or range views, I invite you to get off your chair/keyboard and go shoot one to find out for yourself and I bet you won't be disappointed if you do your part. If one can hit what they are aiming at off hand in an acceptable sized group like one does in real life away from a target range, then the target is not much likely to care if the holes were touching or 3" apart. This isn't supposed to be a sniper rifle though it has proven to me that anything you can spot with your naked eyes can be easily hit with it.

The GSR excels at doing what it was designed for: a fun, reliable, compact, great shooting rifle you can carry all day comfortably that is accurate enough to hit whatever you need to shoot, and it does just that from my experience.

The one other thing worth mentioning to keep in mind for potential buyers is that as a bolt action rifle, it does not make the greatest ambidextrous option if that is of any importance to you when looking for a new rifle. I mention this because many people have a spouse/friend/family member(s) who is/are dominant in a different eye than their own which makes a huge difference if you are trying to help others become better shooters. It can still be done, and other than lever actions, most rifles favor one side of the body for shooting over the other anyhow so it isn't much of a valid complaint so much as something to consider. I still bought and love mine despite that being a very small issue and would do so again in a heartbeat.

Thanks for reading!

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I agree with you on the steel AI mags, Ruger could have offered that on the git go!!! Here's my redition of the three most useful calibers around. 22lR-308 Win-45LC/454. Not quite the Ruger sweep, but I'm eyballing a Ruger Redhawk Alaskan in the near future.


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Great review....awesome job.....
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