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Greetings from Alaska

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Good day everyone: my name is Paul and I go by 264Win. I own a Ruger #1 in 6mmPPC and enjoy seeing what I can produce in small groups. No very good at it yet but improving with time and patience.
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Welcome 264!! Enjoy the forum!
Welcome to Ruger Talk
Paul, What part of Alaska? I'm in Anchorage.
Welcome from Kentucky..and Welcome to Ruger Talks...:eek:
North 75 miles

Welcome to the Ruger Talk Forum !
IM' 75 miles north in Willow

Thanks for the welcome hope to learn from some of you guys & gals:)
Hi Paul and welcome to the Ruger Talk forum from Colorado
Nice time to enjoy the winter, easy temps and fresh snow. Have fun and stay safe!
Welcome to the forum.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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