Gp100, received on trade

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    This is my first revolver by Ruger, and it's in fantastic shape for its age. According to the serial, 1987. Took it apart and cleaned it, everything looks good. My question is, does anyone have any suggestions for personalization? Like grips, holsters etc, I'm not really sure where to look. It's a 6" by the way. I'm not sure how I feel about the rubber wood panel grips. ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1384098944.357287.jpg

    Define long range...
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    That's a great looking GP100.....I installed a Houge grip on my SP101....

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    I have 2 GP100's, One 6" & one 4". Love them. But it's a little difficult to find good Holsters for them especially the 6" The Galco DOA 106 (pictured) and Bianchi (111 something ) are both good holsters for that gun. Both can be worn strong side or cross draw. The Galco cants fwd on the strong side. The Bianchi does not. At least not as much. I've had both of mine Mag-Na-Ported and just added the Hogue monogrip to the 6". ($20. / 10 minutes). The 4" came with it. The wood inlaid rubber grip is not bad IMO, but firing both guns alternately, it was clear the Hogue does a better job of buffering recoil. I've added fiber optic front sights to both. For my aging eyes, this is a Tremendous improvement. HI-Vis makes a pretty good one that comes with 6 different colored interchangeable tubes for around $45. On the GP100 changing the front sight is super simple. just push the release button under the sight on the muzzle-end of the barrel & pull it out by hand. less than 1 minute. There are a LOT of custom wood grips available for under $100. All of this stuff can be found @ . Williams' Fire sights are more like $120 if I recall correctly but they give you a contrasting color adjustable rear sight as well. I have these on my MKII Still debating about putting them on the 4". I bought that one for IDPA and have a Safariland holster on backorder for that use. Haven't competed with it yet. They do not make Moon clips for the GP you'll want some speed loaders. For under $10 the HKS works great. If speed is vital the Safariland competition loaders are supposed to be be faster. I have both but have not practiced enough to give a true recommendation. The HKS is just as fast for me at this time. The Safariland competition pouch holds 3 of either well and provides easy accessibility. I'll be happy to share what little else I may know, If you have any questions.

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    After you've fired your GP-100, I think you'll find those wood panel grips very nice to shoot with. In fact, many guys much prefer them over the solid rubber type. For personalization options, consider the variety of panel inserts on the market...

    You might try a fiber optic front sight, as these are very easy to swap out on the GP...
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    >>After you've fired your GP-100, I think you'll find those wood panel grips very nice to shoot with. In fact, many guys much prefer them over the solid rubber type.<<

    My sentiments exactly....
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    i think the gp100 is a fine revolver. i have a stainless 6in. a well built revolver indeed.
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    Hi-Vis front sight.
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    The Hi Viz front sight is definitely a good first accessory to the GP100. Takes a few seconds to swap in. That is one of the great features of the GP100.

    I like the Hogue wood grip with finger grooves. It is a monogrip, which I prefer. This grip really improved my control over the revolver, especially when shooting .357:


    I have to say I also like the Lett-style grip on my other 4" GP100:

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    I like those grips myself, you got yourself a nice pistol there