GP100 pocket carry

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  1. JohnR

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    That's right, pocket carry. I never thought to try it, but it works! For a 3" model, that is. My cargo pants have less-than-ideal back pockets but it fits all the way in and it's comfortable. I don't advocate pocket carry, but in a pinch it can be done with a 3" GP100.

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  2. buster40c

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    I was going to say you better have cargo pants to fit a GP100 into a pocket.

  3. Oldhand

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    There may be some uninformed that that would work with, but it prints enough I knew it was a firearm. If you wore a long shirt or vest over it, it would be ok, but then you could wear a belt holster and hide it just as well with a long shirt or vest.
  4. Tommycourt

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    Might get heavy in the summertime when temps start to rise. I would do what Handy said, a good belt holster with shirt tails or long T-shirt to hide the imprint. Plus you don't have the sloppy movement in a holster that you would have unsecured in cargo pants. Just MHO!

  5. jstanfield103

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    I may just have to follow you around all day once just to see you're pants fall down. That would give me a good laugh. :)
  6. JohnR

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    I went around like that for a few hours, my belt is a sturdy gun belt and the pants stayed put. The only reason I took it out of my pocket was to try my SP101 in there. The SP rotates and shifts more, and after a while both tend to get lumpy to sit on, depending on the chair. I did wear the SP out to the store and it worked fine, though drawing it in an emergency would not have worked well. Again, I do not advocate pocket carry unless you can draw as fast and smooth as you can with a belt holster.

    One reason I tried it was my Galco leather belt-slide holster was incompatible with those pants' belt loops - I wanted to position the holster at about 3:30 but there was a belt loop there, so skipping the belt loop left the holster sagging. The opposite problem from what some of you guys predicted. :D

    Which is why I favor clip-on holsters over belt-slides, though the Galco is super comfortable on the right pair of pants.
  7. airweightfourfourtytwo

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    I am 80 years old---retired leo---tired of carrying a "duty belt" I carry my GP100-3 Inch with Hogue rubbers-every day 24/7 in my right hand blue jeans pocket. I simply slide it into a cloth Blackhawk holster and slide it all into my pocket. The resulting bulge in my pocket is MY BUSINESS---no one elses !!:)The warm feeling of security that I experience-knowing that the GP is there all of the time, is just wonderful.:duck:

    (my pants ain"t fallen off yet-either)
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