GP100 Performance in newer and older models

Discussion in 'Ruger Revolver Forums' started by ErDuck, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. ErDuck

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    I'm looking to buy my first GP100 and am looking at different options to help my wallet. I want the latest model that comes with the Hogue grips but I have also found an older model that comes with the wooden inserts for a significantly lower price. (Both are factory new)

    So my question is, is there a difference in performance between the two models since the one with the Hogue grip is newer? If not I would definitely be more inclined to buy the one with wood inserts and just switch it with a Hogue I purchased separately.
  2. Butters

    Butters New Member

    As far as i know (not far :p)

    Ruger has been pretty freakin consistant with their performances through out the years.
    I don't believe there would be a noticable difference. Do whatever you and your wallet prefer :)

    Someone please correct me if im wrong.

  3. olywa

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    I've had a few over the years and my favorite is the stainless 6" half lug. Not surprisingly, that is what I currently own.

    That being said, they are all performers. I think that the extractor guide pin configuration has changed in the newer models but I haven't heard of any negatives because if it. If this is your first GP100 you will probably be tinkering with it's configuration for a while before you hit your personal sweet spot. I'd buy the older one.

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  4. OldTexan

    OldTexan New Member

    If the price difference is that significant, I'd try to ascertain why. The older model well maintained should hold it's value, and not be a significant difference. Unless the newer model is pristine and like new commanding new price.

    More information is needed to determine why such a difference in price if both guns are in top condition. If the old gun is not in top condition, it would be the reason?

    Bottom line, why is there a significant difference and are they priced accordingly to market value?
  5. TimKS

    TimKS New Member

    Gun #1 is an excellent shooter and gun #2 is an excellent shooter.......the choice is yours.