GP100 Cylinder Rotation Problem

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    First of all, I'm new to this board, live in Speedway Indiana, and hello to everyone.

    I own several Ruger revolvers, the latest one being a new GP100, with an interesting intermittent problem. It's been back to Ruger once, and although they took a shot at adjusting the pawl, it didn't take care of the problem. Ruger sent me another RMA number, and will send another shipping label after the holidays. No complaints about the service, sometimes it takes more than one trip.

    I'm not surprised, as it doesn't always malfunction. Sometimes, on DA or SA, the cylinder doesn't turn. It doesn't jam or bind, just doesn't turn. The hammer cocks and falls on DA, they cylinder just doesn't rotate.

    The curiosity is killing me. Anyone else experience this? I'm not short stroking it, in case you're curious.

    Here's a link to a video that I took. Ruger told me to put it on CD when I send it back so the tech's can see.

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    My GP100 MC was totally jamming in SA or DA. Sent it to Ruger and they replaced the pawl. I got it back and noticed they put a hammer that had bad wear marks like it was from some other gun in my gun. Ruger sent me another replacement hammer and that's when I noticed Ruger hadn't put shims on both sides of the hammer. Ruger supposed to be sending me some shims after my second call about them.
    Take pictures of your gun and look it over real close before sending it to Ruger so when you get it back you have reference to something that if it's messed up when you get gun back from Ruger. There is no way in hell that hammer on my returned gun came originally out of my gun.