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Ruger is known for making quality revolvers, and the GP100 series is no different. This form of revolver evolved from the Security Six, a weapon that was developed in 1972, and was marketed toward civilian self-defense, police and military personnel. This is another good piece to have if you\'re looking for a good self-defense weapon. There is a lot of talk about the new Match Champion, but let\'s delve into the standard model.

Outside Specs

It comes with the standard Hogue Monogrip, with a 6-barrel capacity, coming in .357 Mag. A peg grip covers the strut and hammer spring, allowing a wide range of grips to be added to the frame itself. This is not only beneficial to consumers, but it helped Ruger save on manufacturing costs. The type of barrel you can get comes in 3 inches, 4.20 inches and 6 inches. The overall length of the piece comes in 8.50 inches, 9.50 inches, and 11.50 inches. The material you can get is alloy or stainless steel, and the finish is a blued or stainless steel.

6\" Barrel in Stainless Steel

The official price stamp for the alloy steel version is $699, and $729 for stainless steel; however, you can find cheaper from local retailers, or individual sellers, if you\'re looking for a better price. Rear sighting is fixed for the 8.50 inch model, as opposed to adjustable rear sighting in the other models. All the models come with a front sight ramp.


This gun is packed with the .357 caliber, but it is dual-chambered to handle light .38 Specials for beginners, and those shy on recoil. The gun also comes in 7-barrel .327 Magnum (a more updated version of the .357 Mag). Like other Ruger model revolvers, it is a meaty gun with a hefty frame, but the various sizes of the guns can accommodate many different hands. But even with the powerful .357 models, the piece is still very good at absorbing recoil, even for a short barreled version.

4.20\" Barrel in Blued Finish

This is because of Ruger\'s ability to build hefty and sturdy revolvers that will handle recoil from the most powerful of calibers. However, you may not be sold on the bulk, if you are looking for a lighter conceal-carry gun. With that being said, this is still a piece that will work as a good holster gun, and it can be concealed with some effort.

This is a medium-sized gun (the barrel is larger than the Security Six) that has a decent range, shooting anywhere from 55 to 110 yards. The maximum range the gun has is up to 550 yards.

Internal Mechanics

Like other Ruger models, it comes with the standard transfer safety bar, a mechanism that rests between hammer and firing pin to prevent accidental discharge. You\'ll also notice a bolt located at the cylinder\'s bottom, meant to prevent cylinder rotation. There is also a lock in front of the crane assembly for stronger locking, along with the ejector rod in the back. This is known as the triple locking system. The extra locking features are meant to handle the power behind the .357 rounds, making cylinder more reliable and sturdy. This is also an easy piece to disassemble for cleaning. A majority of the internal mechanics are attached to the trigger guard assembly.

If you\'re looking for a not-too-hefty revolver, this is a good double-action piece to consider, since it has been described as of the best medium-sized revolvers on the market. It is easy to clean, and it is compact enough, depending on the size you choose.

Images from Ruger
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