Government turmoil and why.

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    Interesting video about how for centuries our collective thought got us to where we are today. If we think about it the fight for the people's collective thought is why we are experiencing our present government turmoil. People's collective thought was they wanted things to change from the same old crap to have a better future. We have a window that has been opened more and the shade raised higher. We need take advantage of that before it is closed. Do we understand that total censorship of the internet is a must to pull the blinds down and close the window to mankind's knowledge of the truth. To enslave a mind you have to control the mind.
    A very wise business owner long ago said he had to control how much money those working for him made or they could end up being his competitors. Think about how that is concerning knowledge and it is plain to see why they can't let us know the truth. The TRUTH is we have the power to control our own lives but those in power over us don't even want us to know that.