Got to shoot some new rugers today

Discussion in 'Ruger Center Fire Pistols' started by SavageGuy, Nov 12, 2016.

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    As I was at the range today, I met two nice gentlemen who both had some of Rugers newest selections. One had the LCP II and the other a RAP. I shot both, and liked them. The LCP was comfortable-ish to shoot (as far as pocket guns go) and accurate.
    I would already own one of these if I believed in .380 for a defensive round. I would rather carry something like the lc9 or a S&W J frame. But I like it for what it is, a small pocket gun.

    The RAP was sweet to shoot! The trigger was nice and the gun had a very solid feel to it. I liked it a lot. Might end up getting one of these......
  2. buster40c

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    It's always nice when others let you shoot their guns at the range.

  3. 6-Oclock

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    We have a REAL gun show here in Yakima Wa., Black Friday and the following Saturday, it would be great handle a RAP, I carry a LC9s Pro, already, but a RAP would be cool to look at. I'm also going to look for a Ruger 308 rifle for next years Buck Season. Geeze, there goes my Christmas Bonus!
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    happened to me

    I posted a " I am getting itchy to get a new pistol" on another forum, where I said I was looking at several pistols among them a RAP. I got a response along those lines for a wonderful gentleman who said he would let me shoot his then 3 week old RAP. I have had my RAP pro for 4 weeks, fired now 300 rounds through it and love it. The mans kindness in letting me shoot his pistol pushed me to the RAP and I thank him for it. I plan on playing that act forward when given the opportunity.
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    Speaking of "new Rugers"'s a frame capture of me touching off a .44 Magnum round in my Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk while a friend shot the video a few stalls down... { the ballistic panels were being replaced between the stalls...hence the chance to snag a video }


  6. buster40c

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    ^^^ Perfect example why not to have your body near the barrel gap. Sheesh that would do some real damage to fingers or hands from the side let alone what happens to whatever is in front of the muzzle. That is a hand cannon to me.
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    Saw a guest at the range with one of these Super Blackhawks today. Magnificent firearm!
    I was the Range Safety Officer at the time. Though it was difficult to converse due to ear protection and a "hot" range, He shared his story. The weapon had been delivered to him by an attorney for a deceased neighbor who willed it to him. The neighbor was a Vietnam Veteran, who, sadly succumbed to prostrate cancer. The range guest got tears in his eyes as he shared this (completely fogged up his eye pro.) Just a great thing that happened today. Thought someone should know. Made me stare up at my flagpole as I pulled in tonight. Guys like these make this country -truly- an exceptional place!
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    I Use2could... Sold the cannon and all of it's fixins, kept the pic. ;)

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    ^^^ sweet looking, but I'm just not into having quite that much fun...;)
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    I'm a recoil junky! My 45 just doesn't feed the need.