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Got to change the routine

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Hah! My last two range sessions have been non-Ruger - and haven't gone real well. Next time - probably Thursday - I will bring Rugers only!

The 77/357 and the Blackhawk, I think. The 10/22 and the Single Six next. After that maybe I can go back to the mysterious light primer hits in the Witness .45 auto. I have a couple hypotheses...

I am in the midst of the annual first-warm-weather allergy session, specific culprit unknown. Significant effect on my patience span.

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It's not often I have a range session without at least one Ruger but it does happen. Brand names don't effect my groups but coffee does!!
Let it be known far and wide: I am NOT human the first 2 hours I get my but outta bed. Firstly I need a cigarette and a cup of coffee just to get my eyes open -THEN- I have to take my pain pills (doctor's prescription of course) and then, maybe then, I will slowly morph into being a human. My wife stays away however my little dog is allowed on my lap.
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