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  1. harrise

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    Let me start from the beginning...

    I had a Sig P220 and a borrowed Mossberg 140B .22LR from the brother-in-law up until the last election. Yeah, I thought about it all through the campaign season of '08, through the first term and up through election '12. But I didn't buy any guns. I didn't know what I wanted or much else besides a .22 of my own for plinking junk. Then the election. Then Newtown.

    From high school on I've always landed my preferences in one way or another against the grain. Who the hell else could fall in love with a freakin' Dodge Intrepid anyway? Yup. This guy. When the downhill ski guys and the snowboard guys were split demographically like our modern day political parties, I was cross country skiing. Stuff like that.

    That's a quirk that landed me on a 16" .308 magazine fed bolt rifle that a lot of people questioned the need for. I didn't know what I needed, I wanted. Then I bought. Then I bought the 10/22 to match and scoped it and made another best friend to the Scout.

    How does a Mini fit in here? I lusted for the target model in particular. The complexity of tuning a round to a scope AND a harmonic dampener got my part time Hawking in gear. Then when I read comments from the interwebs about accuracy and various other conclusions I get interested. If it didn't work for most folks, it might work me.

    The last bit of the story was the old '69 Dodge I was selling to fund my obsession. Long story short (because it's late Sunday): It went to the home it was intended for and I finished my gunning up for now. Lots of things gone from the house and replaced by items I would not mind being buried with.

    My rifles are home. It came with two 20 round and two five round mags and that nifty Nikon Prostaff...

    Also hit the range today. One buddy made a comment that I had to make into a picture...

    I'm very loyal to great brands that give me what I expect. I own Ruger.
  2. ArizonaHeat

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    That turned out to be quite the lovely looking trio of ladies you scored.

    Mini's are sweet, surely you will get tons of enjoyment out of her.

  3. FrogSwatter

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    Quite a good looking hat trick!
  4. bikeride4fun

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    Great looking guns.....sweet
  5. phideaux

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    Nice "long gun" family...
    Good grab on the Mini 14.


  6. harrise

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    Thanks everyone! It was definitely used, but the price and condition were spot on. Got that setup and a couple hundred rounds for just under a grand. Now I get to clean it again.

    Kinda found something interesting in the owner's manual. To pass the day it took to arrange a meeting spot I downloaded and read the manual from Ruger. Thing is, dude found and hooked me up with the one that shipped with it and it's different. So something must have changed since this 2009ish serial number. The big one being the ammunition section. The first pic is what I memorized over that day that I read the thing five times. The second is what the guy found. The cover pages are completely different. Where the pdf shows multiple rifles, the hard copy shows only the target. Just wondering if I can fire 556 in this particular firearm.



    I'm down 100 rounds from Saturday. Just wanted to put the dampener through the paces for a super strip down cleaning. Yay, my Mini!

    Whew, one hour on hold but I got my answer. The early ones had a different manual that inferred the use of 556, but after a bit more usage out there they decided the dampener was not keen on that cartridge.
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  7. dutchs

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    Thanks man...I am suddenly getting a hankering for a Mini-14...Very nice!
  8. harrise

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    How the hell did THIS gun end up being the cheaper one to shoot most often??? I'm paying .42ish cents a round, but the thing is it's actually available to buy. The one sole brick of CCI .22s I have left I'm scared to shoot up because I can't replace it. Blimey.

    Is what it is. So I've been playing around with different ammo and bringing the Mini to it. The TulAmmo took three boxes to dial in and was by far the dirtiest. So far my favorite has been the 50 grain American Eagle HPs. Turning the dampener flush to the muzzle end gets that stuff shooting very fine. Last week I bought up a couple hundred American Eagle 55 grain black box stuff. Think I got it. Man, 25 yards seems point blank anymore...
  9. tater

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    Sweet looking Mini, mine is not preeety or very accurate. yet

  10. SHOOTER13

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    Congrats on a nice purchase...
  11. jbardellini

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    Congratulations on the mini I had one years ago and loved it. Hope you enjoy it.

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