Got goats milk?

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  1. buster40c

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    I was at th grocery store today and saw they had goats milk and I thought about trying it. I saw it said it was ultra refined meaning it had any beneficial nutrients removed from it. I bet then they even added in chemical garbage. So I figured I would pass on it and maybe check on a woman I know that raises them. She got shut down for selling milk to women whose kids couldn't tolerate cows milk because her milk wasn't pasteurized. I think she might be seeling it again somehow so I might check with her.

    I was wondering if anyone here has had fresh goats milk and how does it taste? Is it like cows milk only very strong taste? If it tastes like butter milk then not only no but heck no.
  2. allenr

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    I drank fresh goats ( just out of the goat) a few times when on Mediterranean cruises where we trained with other militaries. Goats milk is what people drink there. It tastes different from cows milk, but no so different. I have only had raw goats milk and never commercially processed.

    Goats milk has been a staple nutrition for centuries as goats are more plentiful than cows and easier to keep.

    Just for the heck of it I looked the subject up on the Internet and found a lot of writings about it. This URL offers a lot of information.

  3. SavageGuy

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    It tastes amazing. Better than cows milk. Very rich.

    Goat milk chocolate ice is even better though....
  4. spikedriver

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    Don't know much about the milk, but goat meat is pretty darn tasty...
  5. Tommycourt

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    Only goat I was around was when I was living with my Grandmother and she worked nights as a head cook at a restaurant. She would come home early (about 2am) and honk the horn cuz we had a billy who would try to head butt you all the time. I would get up and grab his horns so Gram could run to the house. He was mean and nasty. Finally my uncle Pete told me to get rid of him. I asked why not tell to sell him. He said to shoot him.

    One day uncle Pete was laying in bed in his underwear taking a nap and the billy got in the house. He jumped up on Uncle Pete's bed and straddled him and the fight was on. Uncle Pete grabbed him by the horns and wrestled him all over his bedroom and out into the dining room. Pete told me to give him some help but I couldn't. I was laughing to hard and rolling on the floor watching the whole escapade. Finally it was time for the billy to go. I took him outside and capped his butt with my .38 special and he just fell to his knees, got up and tried to butt me. I dropped 3 rounds into his head and I felt so bad that he wouldn't die. I finally had to cut his throat and let him bleed to death. In a way I felt sorry for him, but he was too ornery and besides that, he climbed on the roof of my car and I lost all my feelings for him.

  6. buster40c

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    Geese that makes me wonder if carrying a 38 would be good enough. Oh well I went to a 44spl anyway.
    Years ago I had three goats and was going to get rid of them so I decided to shoot the billy and then put him in the freezer. When I went to shoot him he moved just as I pulled the trigger and I shot him through the top of his nose. I had to chase him around two acres to finish him off.
    The other two I sold to a guy at work and he with his friend and I chased the two around a bit before we caught them.
  7. VThillman

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    Tommy, billy goats have a knack for stretching humor too far. Like Uncle Pete's.
  8. nickndfl

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    I drank goat's mile once. It's not baaaaaaaaaaaad.
  9. buster40c

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    I take it that it wasn't goooooood if you only had it once.
    Searching I came up with it can taste like an old billy or it can taste good. Depends what the goats have been eating and if they have been kept around a billy goat since the billy can often really stink. Supposedly the milk can stink and taste baaaad then.
    Supposedly sheep milk is good but they don't like being milked for all their worth. It is reported that sheep can be very unfriendly.
    But that's okay because I don't want to milk any critter.