Got Dish ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by phideaux, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. phideaux

    phideaux Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    I do.

    I just called them, they are too busy , so they take your info and call back in 5 min.....yep they do.

    In a nut shell ,I complained about paying for a product Im not recieving.
    Which happens to be Fox News, this month.

    They gave me 2 options..(after hemhawin and appologizing for 10 min)
    1 Credit me one months billing. (58.5)
    2 Credit $20/mo for 3 months.

    I chose #2.

    Hey would you pay for a burger if they left the meat off?

  2. buster40c

    buster40c Well-Known Member

    I cancelled mine. 160 channels and I watched maybe 9. Told the guy I didn't speak or know Latino or Asian or any other language except English so why should I pay for what I can't even understand. He said that's the way it is and so I told him how it is. Took it off the roof and sent it back to them. In order for me to get ESPN I had to buy their 160 channels of crap. I don't feel I have to pay for crap to get one channel I would watch. If I order pizza I can get on it what I want. No anchovies!
    LOL on free TV I have several movie channels and more programming I want to watch. Ok so I can't get ESPN. I can eat cake without so much frosting.
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  3. Birddogyz

    Birddogyz In the army now..

    With them Dropping Fox news I see a lot of people dropping Dish. How far will a company go and how much money are they willing to loose because of their political views.
  4. phideaux

    phideaux Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    Everthing evolves around 2 things these days.
    Politics and money.

    Gosh I cant believe I just said profound..Im brilliant...


  5. havasu

    havasu In the army now..

    I just came from Sam's Club. While inside, two Dish salesman were asking everyone which cable company we had. I replied that I have Verizon Fios, and it sucked. That gave him the opportunity to approach me and ask..."well, isn't it time to change to Dish?"....I replied that the only cable company that sucks worse than Verizon was Dish! :D
  6. squirrelhunter

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    I had it but couldn't afford it. I wasn't on a contract so if I didn't have it paid by the 5th they suspended it,leaving just the basic service of free channels. I didn't pay it in July because I didn't want it. At the end of July I get another bill,for 2 months. I called and asked why I was being charged for July when my service was suspended.The person said that's how they bill it,a month late,I said if you think I'm paying for a month with no service your nuts and to just shut it completely off,I got transferred 2 times and went through the same crap all 3 times. They finally said to ship the dish back,I said THE DISH??!! Do you have something to put it in?? They asked where it was,I said on the garage roof,they asked if I'd have to climb up there (duh),then said forget it. They never did shut it off but if they think I'd pay for a month without service to turn it back on they're crazy,I'll get Direct TV if I ever decide to get it again............I'll get off my soap box now :D.
  7. jmohme

    jmohme Well-Known Member

    I don't watch television, buy my wife does and she seems to like Dish.
    And it has to be better than Sirrius XM! Now thats a bunch of thieves!
  8. lefty60

    lefty60 New Member

    We have Dish! Around here it is the lesser of all the evils!

    I want the hunt'n/fish'n channels and the wife wants the spanish channels. Basic channels for both is 'bout $30 a month.

    I've still got crap that I would not watch for any reason. I mean who cares if Kendra is on top or not???? Most of/all the reality shows are scripted for mindless idiots who have no life, and are to lazy to go get one.

    And I ain't even gonna start on the one sided news reports!

    End of Rant! :machinegun: