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Get used to seeing less and less alternative news websites. The last avenue of free press and speech for the people, alternative news on the internet, is going to be removed in a very short time frame. Just watch and see this happen before the next mid term election happens. The only news or reporting we shall see will be totally false/fake news we are supposed to believe. This is not going to just affect alternative news websites, it is going to affect most all of the internet. Anything other than what those in control want you to see or hear will be taken down by search engines.

This is just one more nail or should I say the last nail to finish off our constitutional freedom of speech rights and seal the coffin the Constitution appears to be laying in. The internet is the last avenue for people to communicate amongst themselves about what is happening in the world and our lives that just isn't right.

Does anyone still really believe we are not under shadow government/big business tyranny to control everything? You really think you have constitutional rights? About time people realized the 2nd Amendment isn't about the right to go hunting or target shooting or just for protecting yourself from deadly harm. Wake the heck up people before it is to late.....if it isn't already.
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