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This morning I made my monthly trek down to Eau Claire, WI to visit Scheel's All Sports if only to see what was available in their "experienced" gun racks. Nothing interesting, so I then went over to the ammunition shelves to see if they looked like 'Ol Mother Hubbard's Cupboard.
One of the employees was just finishing up stocking a couple of shelves with at least 200 boxes of MAGTEC 9mm Luger hardball 115 grain, 50 round boxes at $12.99 per box with a 2-box limit per person purchase:

I grabbed two boxes and the wife did the same and we went over to pay for the ammunition. Then we went off looking for a specific sweatshirt she was after. Once she found that, she mentioned that we should go back and get 4 more boxes. This was like 40 minutes after we were there and grabbed what we had already paid for. The two shelves were EMPTY, in 40 minutes, the shelves were cleaned out, at 2 boxes per person.
Then I went to visit the .22 rimfire shelves and the only .22 rimfire ammunition left was ELEY Team, at $14.99 per 50 round box. so we each grabbed the same 2 box per person limit:

I have a feeling that it's only going to get worse, before, or if it even gets better.
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