Going Underground With a Bang

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by harrise, Feb 18, 2013.

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    Scott called Chris and Chris called me and now I only have 150 defensive rounds to my name. That's what I get for not getting into this hobby until December. Bloody f'n hell.

    Yesterday I finally got my guns outside of the confines of a 48"x75' box. And it was grand. On Super Bowl Sunday Scott had mentioned some prairie dog problems and invited us out to shoot them or a gang of two liter bottles. When we pulled up and stopped at the edge of the property they were out en masse.

    So two of us (four total) began loading up some .22's so we could try a few shots at once. That was the plan until Chris beat us to it with his preloaded Howa 1500 mag and WHAM! A big puff of dirt just left the little guy erupts vertically, and instantly they're all gone. It was time to shoot two liters.

    There's a slight hump of a farm road that we setup on about 200 paces away.


    I spent a year reading about rifles before deciding on the GSR. First on Gunbroker just going listing by listing looking and reading under the section, "rifles". Then started reading more specifics and reviews. One thing that seemed to be the consensus among all the multi-rifle owning expert crowd was that it's a good gun, an accurate gun, but not a great gun. It took me a year to put that grand away, and it baffled all that I wasn't using it for some AR-type gun. After yesterday, I know I made the right decision for me. The 200 rounds yesterday makes 550 so far for the Scout. Never have I been so pleased with a product.

    At around 4:30 we stuffed the last round of magazines and ended our thousand round day. Not a bad way to use up the last of the cheaper practice stuff. Now I have to wait out this panic crap. It's not just that ammo is at least $1/round anymore, it's that there IS NONE TO BUY!

    At least my snowshoes and winter gear might get dug out of the closet. Gotta do something with the weekends.
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    Sounds like a great time!! The cost of todays ammo sucks for sure.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Yeah, harrise, the ammo situation definitely sucks. But it sure sounds like you had a great day!
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    Gee, nice lookin' truck - is that stock? ;)
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    Nice to hear a good report on the GSR.
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    Nothin like a good day shooting . Getting fewer and farther between now though.