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    I have seen a few videos on using glue sticks to make the bullets instead of buying or making lead or using fmj bullets. Just using the primers to propel the glue bullets. It seems could save a lot of money not using gun powders.It seems like a good idea when just punching paper targets. Would maybe the accuracy be greatly challenged?
    I am guessing just using primers then there would not be enough energy to rack the slide. Also would the glue bullets really gum up the barrel?
    Just wondering if glue bullets is a good idea for saving money when just target shooting?
    I don't shoot all that much and I just don't know if buying all the loading equipment is worth the expense. It seems like it would take a long time for reloading to pay for itself.
    I have also heard the reloading supplies have gotten difficult to find same as ammo.
    Whats the verdict?
  2. hombre243

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    Dry firing

    If you're using a centerfire dry firing was always the recommended way to go. Now that snapcaps are available, maybe even rimfires could be dry fired. Rimfires I don't know about, but I would guess that a surfing trip to Gander or midway USA can tell you what is available.

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    Yeah the reloading supplies is just as bad as ammo......prices jacked up and people buying them up and hording them....
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    I don't know if I would go the glue route--for practice you can dry fire the center fires ones and the rimfire sr22's handbook says it is ok to dry fire it without any damage, although through the years i have dry fires my .22 rimfires alot without any damage. It does take a long time to recoup your money by reloading but it is worth it. Maybe buy a piece at a time and before you know it you will be making cheap ammo, it is like a hobby by itself, I really enjoy it been doing it for about 35 years now.