Gluck, Gluck, Gluck 23, .40 cal New to me

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Pancho_Villa, Nov 27, 2013.

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    Got this one at the guhsow last weekend in an odd swap. Man and his wife came by and looked at an old HiPoint 995 carbine in 9 mil. that I had. They said it was the only one thay could find in the show. They had owned one before and regretted selling it. They had looked at new ones and were not happy with the way they looed. They had a gun they wanted to swap and asked if it would look at it.

    They producted the G23. It was like new and had all the stuff in the box. They said they had bought it, fired it a ffew times and kept it in a drawer. They were not that happy with it. I asked about the swap. They wanted a bill with the old 995 for the G23. they needed some "Thanksgiving $" for this week.

    Being a cheap jerk as usual, I offered 50 bucks. We all settled for the carbine and 75 for the G23. THAT WORKED FOR ME!!!!!.


    Got around to firing the gun today. Fired 7 rounds of CCI 180 gr. FMJs. at 7 yds. Seemed like a reasonable combat range. Gun worked perfectly well and shot just above my POA, but a bit to the left. It is fine for combat purposes. Probably adjust eh windage later. I was very satisfied with the little pistola.

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    Congratulations the G23 is an excellent weapon !!

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    Pancho , my old friend,
    Your at it again.

    You know you stole it.:cool::D

    Keep up tha good work. Sure wish we were closer, so we sit around and swap tales.;)

    You did EXTRA good .

  4. Pancho_Villa

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    Hi, Ho, Fido! Sounds like you are feeling better.

    I didn't have to even try at this one. The other people made me the deal. I just had to adjust it a bit.:D

    Get better!