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I do not work for Glades Armory, know anyone that works there, or anything about them except what I say below. I created a profile on this forum as a new Ruger owner, and to let everyone know how great an experience I had with Glades Armory.

I recently bought myself a Ruger American in 30.06. Love the rifle, but I did not like the size of the bolt handle (too small). I Found these guys on ebay, and I ordered one of the larger handles. They have a site now:

Glades Armory

I have had literally one of the best experiences when making a purchase of my 43 years. I had questions answered in less than a day, suggestions I gave regarding installation instructions responded to very quickly, and just plain great service.

It was also one of the very few places I found that even made accessories for the Ruger American.

If you have a Ruger American, check them out for a (in my opinion) better bolt handle.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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