Full size 1911 vs. Commander

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    I took my Commander out for it's indoctrination today and ran about 200 rounds through it, both factory and alloy reloads. Trigger pull is a little different. My full size has very little take up as does the Commander however on the Commander after the take up, there is a little creep. At first I was really off the target, hitting in the 8 ring at 7 o'clock. I finally managed to get it back to the 10 ring although I started using a 12 o'clock hold. Changed my grip and can hit the 10 ring @20 feet. Recoil is just a little snappier than the full size and I didn't have the accuracy consistency that I have in the full size. Going to have to work on it. I would like to get rid of the creep on the Commander but am unsure on how to take it out. Do I use the set screw in the trigger or do I have to take it to a gunsmith and have him do it. I have put over 1K rounds through the full size so I may have to do the same to the Commander to get it broken it. Anyway, I am happy with it and will work out the bugs soon-I hope!

    Footnote: This evening I have been dry firing quite a bit after my range time this afternoon and after a good cleaning and oiling, with a lot of dry firing, my "creep" seems to have disappeared. Trigger feels better and hopefully after a thousand rounds or so it should shoot like the full size. Got my fingers crossed as the full size is a tach driver (it will shoot better than I can shoot it!)
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