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    I was rooting around in my junk and found a small supply of bullets I can use in both my Blackhawk 45 Colt as well as a saboted bullet in my T/C Bone Collector. I cast these several months ago and forgot I brought them to TX with me.

    The bullets are .452 Cast with a Lee mold 452-255-RF. Poured some nice bullets right out of the box. The 9mm bullet was from a box of Hunter Supply Hard Cast bullets. I like to load almost as much as I like to shoot.

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  2. phideaux

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    Man, those are really good lookin cast bullits,

    What weight , dia, alloy?


  3. hombre243

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    Homegrown alloy

    Hey Jim,

    I see the box isn't marked with the BHN but I usually cast them between 15 and 18. I started with some soft lead sheets, added some antimony a friend gave me and then some pure tin solder. I did not pay attention to the recipe because this was my first time mixing and I didn't know a thing about the metallurgy of casting bullets.

    They are .452 dia/255 gr. The Lee mold is a 452-255 RF. (Round Nose Flat Point)

    I have fired these many times from the Blackhawk and they are pretty mild considering all the powder they need for a 900 FPS launch speed. But they do the intended deed downrange. I blew a 3" hole in 6" of phone books at 25 feet.
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    I also use the same bullet in the 45 acp and ar. Excellent bullet when cast of linotype.