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Hello from FL, and glad to be aboard. I've been a Ruger fan since my first, a 2¾ " Stainless Security Six, in 1982. Did a little action work with Wolff springs and a little polishing, and added Pachmayr Gripper grips and it was quite smooth. My younger son "borrowed" it until he could decide on a house gun and I haven't been able to pry it out of his hands since, even though he later bought a P89. Others have included a twin Security Six, Single Six with both 22 LR and Magnum cylinders, Mark II 5½" Stainless bull barrel, 2½" SP101 DAO .357, and the obligatory 10/22. Have never owned a _&_ revolver, though my Model 41 semi-auto is a sweet shooter.

Sorry, I got a little long in the mouth. I'll shut up now and just listen for awhile!
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