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    It seems like when we are told such and such might happen that low and behold we hear of more reasons how it could happen. Here is a perfect example.
    Even though it was said no WMD were found in Iraq and even though they supposedly had proof that they did have them to justify going to war in Iraq they never did find any. Well low and behold Isis just took control of areas containing WMD or chemical warfare compounds. Now the US is claiming they knew those areas contained WMD but did not destroy them. You can't make this stuff up.
    So now perhaps you remember hearing that ISIS was threatening to use chemical warfare attacks on US soil. So see we have just now been told ISIS now has the chemicals/WMD to possibly carry out the threat we were forewarned about recently. BTW do a little research and find out who is funding ISIS in the first place.
    So don't be surprised if we get attacked with WMD in he near future. Because our government is the planner as well as the supplier.
    I am not trying to scare anyone but I am trying to show how our government knows what is or could happen in the near future.
    Call me unpatriotic and you will be wrong. I love our country. I just hate the evil behind the curtain that is running our government. Those of you, and I am sure there are many, that believe our government will not go against its own people are soon to be proven dead wrong.
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    I am going to cause a sh**storm in saying this but I feel the need to express my feelings. When George Bush was in office he was told by many, many different agencies and countries that Sadam Hussein had WMD,s. When we first invaded they could not be found and it was then stated that he was only after Sadam as a vendetta. As big as the desert is, he could have hidden many of those weapons in the sand, stockpiled all kinds of chemical and biological weapons before we invaded. He even used them on his own people so we ask, where the hell did they come from? Our southern borders, my state Az and Texas are wide open. Border agents don't have the time to check every vehicle, every one swimming the river, boats crossing and catching felons. When they are caught, ICE will not come and get them. They are sent to a holding station and they have a court date set, with an attorney paid with OUR tax dollars and then they don't show up for court. Now the illegals I am speaking of is not just Mexicans, many are from Central America. Now Mexico has instituted immigration laws so the illegals from Central America cannot enter Mexico however they will let their own invade our country. With wide open borders, how can we stop illegals from the Mid East which may be carrying WMD,s? WMD,s do not have to be big and humongous, they can be as small as a briefcase. They can bring in a biological or chemical weapon and release it in the Super Bowl when it is here, the PGA annual golf outing, the NASCAR racing course where thousands of fans come and enjoy themselves. ISIS doesn't want to hit big areas, they are looking at "soft" targets where the smallest device can harm hundreds or thousands. Iran and ISIS have shouted over and over DEATH TO AMERICANS! I believe the average Iranian citizen does not want to harm us however the supreme leader and his zealots are the ones who control that country. Yet, our "lame duck/lame brain" president does not want any intervention in border security. Janet Napolotano didn't either and look where she ended up when Obama got elected. One day, something really bad is going to happen here. I pray to God it doesn't but we are playing against a stacked deck in Washington. When Obama promised change, he meant it - and it ain't for the good of the people of our country. We need to stay vigilant, write, call, pester the money/election driven hounds in Washington until some of them grow the balls to confront these enemies here and abroad.
    This concludes my rant. I am sorry if I offended but I, like my fellow folks on this net love our country and to see it go downhill like it has in the last 6-7 years is a travesty.

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    Lame Duck /Lame Brain....^^^^^ :cheesy: I love it.

    Thats not a rant,

    Thats just an expression on patriotism..